Talktohannaford Survey at , Win $500 Gift Card!

Talktohannaford – Do you like shopping at Hanna Ford? You might have the most favorite good that you buy in Hanna Ford. Today you can shopping online at

You are also might be one of the loyal customer of Hanna Ford that visit this store frequently.

If you have something to say to Hanna Ford, you now can express what you think and give feedback to the company through an online survey the conduct.

In return, you will get a reward in the form of entry of sweepstakes and other interesting rewards.

To tell what you are thinking about Hanna Ford can be done through Hannaford customer survey, they name it talktohannaford.

By finishing the survey, you have the opportunity to get 12 Hannaford gift cards valued $250 each.

Here are the more information about talktohannaford, just keep reading this article and get the information you need.

It includes requirements and eligibility to enter the survey, step by step instructions, and many more.

About Hannaford


For you who are the residents of New York and around, you must be very familiar with Hanna Ford.

Hanna Ford is a popular grocery store where you can find variety products for your daily needs.

By shopping in Hanna Ford, you can participate in the survey, and give the company positive feedback.

You also have the opportunity to win gift cards value total $30,000. Just by spending your time around 5 to 10 minutes, you do something beneficial.

The benefits are both for you and the company. Getting superior service in Hannaford, chance winning $500 gift card and helping the company growth are what you will get.

What you can find in Hannaford? Actually there are many kinds of goods available in Hannaford just like the other grocery stores.

You can find variety kinds of bakery, floral, frozen foods, meat, seafood, snacks, sushi, dairy liquor, produce until pharmacy.

This is a one-stop shop for your needs, especially kitchen. In only under one store, you can find anything you need for daily life.

It is really save your time because you only need to expose one store to find your kitchen needs.

Founded by Arthur Hannaford in 1883, the retailer is still going today servicing their million customers in USA.

This grocery store chain is headquartered in Maine. Hannaford only can be found in several small city in Southeast USA, and in some big cities around.

In 1920, the brothers of the founder, Howard and Edward joined to the company making the company became a leading wholesaler in Northeast at that time. Fourty years later, exactly in 1960, the company built their distribution center in Maine.

It is 200,000 square feet large. The distribution center was made for more effective service to expand the stores.

In early 1970s, the company finally earned 1 million dollar per year. It was such an amazing value at that time.

Today, in 2020, the company at least has 180 locations spread in United States, especially in Southeast area.

This is a big number which also means that Hannaford has big number of loyal customers.

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Maine becomes the major locations of Hannaford. You can find Hannaford almost anywhere in Maine.

If you are the loyal customer of Hannaford, this company conducts an online survey to hear what you want to say about them.

What you say is a very great and valuable feedback for the company to improve their service and customer satisfaction rate.

Hannaford as one of the popular retail industry in USA, especially in Northeast area, really welcome to any comment and feedback about their service.

In this article, we are going to talk more about an online survey conducted by Hannaford, is it legit or a scam? What is the reward? What are the requirements?

Is there any restrictions and other important thing you need to know. Just keep reading until the end.

Talktohannaford Online Survey


Hannaford is one of the oldest retail store in Northeast, and somehow, it is also the most trusted one.

Today, Hannaford has more than 180 stores spread in United States, especially in Northeast area.

You can easily find Hannaford, just select the locations near you and where you convenient.

Hannaford is not only about shopping, they also want to keep in touch with their customer, and hear what they want to express like comment and review.

The company provides provisions for their customers to take part in an online survey they conduct, named talktohannaford customer survey.

The survey allows you giving any opinions about your experience shopping at Hannaford store. Also, you can give comment about any products you purchase there.

Through talktohannaford, the company wants to record all the valuable feedback from their million customers digitally.

Your opinion about your current experience at the store is a very beneficial thing for the company, so in return, you deserve to get a rewards which allows you shopping for free at the store.

Also, your feedback will be the source for the company to do improvement in their service and strategy.

Your leading feedback will be beneficial, and any changes done by the company is as the result of the survey.

So, are you ready to make money and get reward from talktohannaford? It will be very interesting, and if you want to participate in the survey, it will be very easy anyway.

We will dig deeper information about legitness, how to win, advantages, and other details down below.

Is TalktoHannaford Legit?

TalktoHannaford Legit

There are many questions about talktohannaford, and the first question everyone has before participate in the survey is whether the survey legit or a scam?

It is reality that we often find some outlets promising excellent rewards for customers who take part in the survey.

But in the end, they deliver nothing. This is what makes many people unmotivated to participate in any other survey.

But you do not need to worry, because the survey conducted by this one-stop shoppers at talktohannaford is legit, and it is not a scam.

After finishing the survey, you will end up by receiving an interesting rewards from gift card, entry to a sweepstakes, and even a free shopping opportunity.

When it comes to Hannaford, with more than 180 physical locations, you do not need to worry about its legitness.

For the purchase you make in the store, you have the opportunity to get $500 Hannaford gift cards.

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With so many locations spread in Northeast area, it is very easy for you to find the store near you.

With the goal to improve the service to expand the store until worldwide, you need to participate in this survey.

Talktohannaford Rewards

Talktohannaford Rewards

Becoming a customer of Hannaford means that you also have opportunity to participate in their online survey via

Your feedback and comment will be such a very valuable thing for the company leading any changes for further customer satisfaction.

That’s why, the company provide an interesting gift you can win for participating the survey, including the gift cards for amount $500. Just give your humble opinion and you will get free shopping or gift cards.

To evaluate their service and to record customer satisfaction, your answer is a very important data.

It also will be used to make future changes about strategy, service and goods available in the store.

That’s why, your opinion is important for the growth of the company they concerned.

So, in order to get higher opportunity to win the $500 gift cards, the key is just be honest, the more you honest the bigger chance to win.

Eligibility to Participate Talktohannaford

For a frequent customer of Hannaford like you, you may as whether I am eligible or not.

The company yearns for their customer feedback, so you need to participate in this online survey to help this oldest store in United States give you superior service in the future.

Here are the criteria of talktohannaford, just make sure whether you are eligible or not.

  1. To participate in talktohannaford, you must be at least 18 years old. If your age is adequate, it helps the company getting more honest feedback.
  2. You must be the resident of United States, United Kingdom or Canada. In these areas, you can find the store of Hannaford, hence, your opinion must be your own real experience visiting the store near you.
  3. You must have good internet connection. Good internet connection lets you conduct the survey well so you can attempt answering the questions faster.
  4. You must have a smart device, such as tablet, PC, or smartphone. The devices also must be able to connect to the internet.
  5. This one is another very important thing, you must have the printed purchase receipt. There is talktohannaford entry code printed.
  6. You must be able to read and write in English or Spanish. The survey is conducted using those languages.
  7. The employees and representatives of Hannaford are not allowed to participate in the survey.
  8. You must remember all the shopping experience clearly. You need to recall it so make sure you have good memory or you’re not shopping when drunk.

Steps to Talktohannaford Online Survey

After you confirm that you are eligible to participate in talktohannaford survey, just take it soon.

Prepare all you need from your spare time (make sure you do not conduct the survey when you are busy or there will be much interruption) device, internet connection, your Hannaford receipt and other additional such as pen and notebook. After everything are ready, so here are the step by step to follow:

  • Open your browser, make sure it is javascript enabled because the website uses javascript.
  • Click or visit Hannaford official site to take the survey.
  • You need to enter the entry code which is printed in the receipt.
  • Then, press next to enter the questions. There will be several questions given.
  • The questions are about your last shopping experience at Hannaford. You must be honest in answering how the product is, the cleanliness of the store, how the working staffs treat you, and any other quality service that you experience at that time. You are also asked would you prefer the store and would you recommend it to other people? The questions are straightforward, so it will be easy.
  • After finishing the questions, they will ask your personal information. It is important because the company will contact you if you win the rewards.
  • Then, you will be entered into the sweepstakes and getting chance to win the reward.
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Better for you to enter the survey by mail rather than by online mail. When you are lucky, your name is picked and you win $500 gift card. The gift card can be used at the store.

Talktohannaford Reward Rules

If you are lucky, the company will contact you and inform you that you win the reward. However, there are also several things you need to know about reward rules. Here they are:

  1. It is limit for 13 entries per person per period of sweepstakes. The entry which is more than 13 times is considered invalid or voided.
  2. If you win the $500 gift cards, you will be contacted via email two days after draw.
  3. If the winner doesn’t give any response after the company attempting to contact 2 times, the winner is considered to disqualified and the company can award the gift cards to another entrant.
  4. It is limit of one reward per entrant and the household.

Reasons Why You Should Participate in This Survey

There are many online survey you can participate in United States. It is a very good opportunity for you as the customer to give your feedback, comment and honest review about what you experience and what your thought about the company.

Here are other reasons why you need to take part in talktohannaford online survey:

  • The survey is very user-friendly with easy questions as well. The questions are so simple and straightforward.
  • You have the opportunity by getting $500 gift card. The survey allows you getting entry for the sweepstakes. The gift card can be used to shop at the store.
  • Your contribution by answering the survey will help the company to improve service for you.
  • Every entrant has the equal chance to win the prize.
  • You will help the company to grow.

Bottom Line

Talktohannaford is an online survey conducted by Hannaford to record feedback from customers.

You can visit via website and just follow the instructions given.

Then, you have the opportunity to win the prize. You also can give feedback by mail, and no purchase required. Simply write down your name, your address, birthday, email and your phone number on a 3×5” card.

Then, mail it in business envelope and send it to “Tellhannaford Sweepstakes”, P.O. Box 10430, Rochester, NY 14610.

You also can contact the company via email [email protected] or phone 1 (800) 213-9040.

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  1. Is the salmon you’re selling spoiled? I brought salmon today at Hannafords in Waltham, but I noticed it was very pale. I asked the person behind the fish counter if it was fresh and he said it just came in this morning. When I got home I asked the computer what pale salmon meant and it said that the salmon was bad because good salmon is bright pink. Now I’m hesitant to eat it.


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