13 Cool Art Projects for Kids and Adults

Art Projects for Kids

Art Projects for Kids – Children always want to try something new. But to come up with cool projects for the little ones is sometimes nothing that easy. But don’t worry – we have 13 great ideas for you that will delight children of all ages – and you will surely too!

Art Projects for Kids

1. The motley wire sculpture

We all know them from various waiting rooms and children can actually spend what feels like hours with the little wire balls. You can find out here how you can easily create this exciting work of art yourself.

2. The Lego snow globe

When your children hardly play with their Lego anymore, they can immortalize their favorite character in this great snow globe. Here you can find out what exactly you have to do to turn the toy into a great souvenir.

3. Colorful ice cube art

If it can get a little bigger: For this great project, you just need a large, white sheet and colorful ice cubes, which you fill with water and some liquid paint. Here you can see which great patterns can be conjured up with the colorful ice cubes.

4. The old moor witch

Children love to pretend they’re brewing spooky potions in a cauldron. With these great instructions you can make this game even more exciting and real for your child!

5. A sand castle that will last forever

The sad thing about the sandpit is that all the great things your child builds in it never last long. But with a little bit of cement this is no longer a problem and, like here, looks really great!

6. Magic magnetic bottle

Admittedly, this project is a bit more involved and requires material you may not necessarily have at home: magnetic, liquid ink. But the result is incredibly exciting and will certainly not only be fun for your children.

7. Beautiful “ice” flowers

All you need for this is a few plastic flowers, sodium tetrabonate (you can find it under the name Borax on the Internet, for example) and a small attachment structure that you can easily make yourself with your child. How exactly this works is explained here. The result is magical!

8. Balloon darts

If the temperatures start to rise again soon, this is a great way to spend the afternoon with the kids. All you need is a few balloons, which you fill with colored water and attach to a canvas as described here. Now aim well and the color spectacle can begin!

9. Art with Skittles

Skittles are colorful drops that can be bought in almost every supermarket. But they are not only suitable for snacking, but also for painting! And in these simple instructions, you’ll see how to do it.

10. Lasagna mosaic

An excellent idea to get rid of the superfluous lasagna plates: Simply color them and put them together to form a colorful mosaic. The video shows how easy it is.

11. Creative clay bowls

Your children can hardly be stopped in terms of creativity, then they can really let off steam with these great clay bowls. Here it is explained how easy it is to create beautiful bowls from clay, paint and colored beads.

12. Funny Snot – homemade

Even if the first thought is “Yuck”, we are somehow fascinated by this slimy stuff – and as you can see here, it is also very easy to make.

13. Paper scraps chains

You can make these funny chains with fluted paper scraps, glue and a thread. Here you can find the exact instructions including a helpful straw trick.

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Phonemic Awareness Activities – Nowadays, we currently face additional difficulties.

In early childhood classes today, teachers feel increasing pressure to make their students read.

It’s easy to forget the development process as well as try to skip the steps to get our children to read a book as soon as possible.

As an early childhood teachers, we must remember we cannot pass past phonemic awareness skills.

We cannot move forward with the hope that all our students have arrived in our classrooms complete with full thinking skills and manipulating voices in their minds.

On the other hand, we are also unable to spend lots of time doing phonemic awareness instructions.

Phonemic awareness instructions can and should be carried out in small bags throughout the school day.

In fact, spoken language and phonemic awareness can often be taught and strengthened in only 5 to 10 minutes per day.

Here are five easy, fun, and fast phonemic awareness activities that are perfect for the beginning of the school year in each early childhood class:


This ability to be used to listen carefully is the key to phonemic awareness. This is part of the instruction that is often skipped because the teacher claims that young children know how to listen.

The Listening Game

This is one of the first phonemic awareness activities I do with my students, even so on the first day, the aim is to bring students’ attention to the voices.

After lunch, we returned to the classroom and all the children lay still on the floor. This is not a nap, but this is a good time to relax, which is important for young children.

When we lay there for t to 10 minutes we listened to the sound. There are always strange noises and sounds that you can hear in the school building.

We might hear the door closing, the air conditioner, the teacher’s talking, and the stomach growling.

The possibilities are endless! Your part is talking about the sounds you and your children hear.

Use a little enthusiasm and excessive teacher to make children interested in this activity. The key phrase is, “Who can see the sound with their ears?”

“Moo-Moo,” Where are you?.

How to play?

• All children sit in a circle.

• A child lies in the middle of a circle and covers his eyes.

• Teacher chooses another student to go somewhere in the room and pretends to be a cow by making a “moo-moo” sound.

• The student in the middle of the circle – with eyes still closed – points in the direction of the animal.

This game is very good because it makes children listen carefully to the sound and where the sound came from.

When the child in the middle identifies the sound and direction correctly, he must go next and make different animal sounds.


Rhythm is the best phonemic awareness activity that can make children easily understand the concept of poetry.

Some need a little help. Using word games with rhymes helps children notice that the sounds in our language have meaning and follow certain patterns.

The absolute way to introduce rhymes to your students is to read lots of fun poetry, books and rhyming songs.

The key is “Acting silly and having fun”! The more you have fun with rhymes, the more children will pay attention to rhymes and enjoy their activities.

The poem “Down By the Bay” and the book “Silly Sally” are perfect examples of how rhymes can be so much fun!

In my box

This game is good to use after your students have at least some understanding of how rhyming works.

That means you have read many poems, books and rhyming songs and play with those rhyming words.

How to play?

• Get a small box and place a few pictures in it with pairs of familiar rhyming words (such as a box / sock, a cat / hat, or a chair / bear).

• Use enough pictures so that everyone in your class gets a turn. Sit in a circle with your students.

• Start with children who you know are strong in rhyming.

• Hold the box and select an image. If the picture shows a cat, say “In my box, there is a cat”. Call him to come with rhyming words. The child might say, “In my box, there is a hat” (or another rhyming word).

• After he answers with rhyming words, give the box. Now he can choose cards and continue playing.


Working and paying attention to syllables in important words because the fact makes students aware of how words can be divided into smaller parts based on their voice.

Our objective is to work on individual phonemes (vowels or consonants), but first, children must learn the concept of “parts of words.” , the individual sounds of discrete phonemes.

Bippity Boppity Bumble Bee

It is a very fun game. First, you make the children applaud the name. Because they are familiar with the game, you can start using other words with more syllables.

How to play:

• Sit in a circle with your students. I have a little bee doll that kids love.

• You can also use printable bees. The teacher starts chant and walks towards a child:

• Teacher: “Bippity Boppity Bumble Bee, Will You Say Your Name to Me?” The boy answered, “Jennifer.”

• Teacher: “Let’s all say it.” And students say their names aloud while clapping once for each syllable.

• Teacher: “Let’s all whisper it.” And the students whispered their names while clapping softly again syllables, once per syllable.

• Teacher and class: “Bippity Boppity Bumble Bee, Thank You for Saying Your Name to Me!”

• Repeat with other students and their names. When students become familiar with the game, you can allow students to take on the role of “teacher”.

Old Mac Donald

This is the best game you can e to give students practice in listening to syllables and combining them into words. This follows the pattern of the song, Old MacDonald.

How to play?

• The teacher starts by telling students that they will learn a new game.

• The teacher starts singing, “Old MacDonald owns a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm, he has / ti / / ger /, E-I-E-I-O “.

• Of course, children find tiger introductions very funny, but pay attention to what they have actually done. Without being told, they mentally combine syllables / ti / and / ger / to realize what an animal is! That’s big!

• Then, you show the children a picture of a tiger and they feel proud that they have found the animal – and they think it’s too funny.

The most important thing is to remember as an early childhood teacher is that phonemic awareness can be an exciting time!

That should not be a long lesson. What you need is five to ten minutes every day.

Phonemic awareness activities are also good to use during transitions throughout the day.

If you provide phonemic awareness about proper attention, your students will be given a big prize when it’s time for them to start reading!

Phonological Awareness Checklist

Do you want an effective way to track the phonological awareness skills of some students? Print this template!

Write the names of the students in the left column and check under the skills when a child has mastered them!

Tapping syllables

By using different objects such as drums, tennis rackets, or clapper, you can ask children to determine the number of syllables in a given word.

For instance, you will tap on the drum twice for the word “brother” since it has two syllables.

In oder to increase difficulty, tap the drum (how many times) and ask your child to think of words that contain the same number of syllables.


Use the lyrics for “Hickety Pickety,” ask your child to say, clap syllables, and whisper their names.

Our Syllabal Tally

Write down one of the student or your family members. Ask your child to color a smiling face for each syllable in the given names and make a counting mark for every syllable.

Graph of Class Syllables

Each student have to copy the “Class Syllable Graph”. Say the student’s name and ask them to color the box on the correct number of syllables.

Home Syllable Search

Help your child to find items in various room. Sort by syllables. Write a word (or draw a picture) for each object.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Word

Tell your students that you will teach them a song that will help them find new words by removing the part (sound) of the word.

Teach this song and let them fill in the last word. After a few verses use new words, invite the children to sing together. Other words that might be used include:

• Initial Sound: boat (oat), agriculture (arms), meat (eating), bus (us), sled (lead), hands (and), & sitting (it).

• Ending Sounds: hammer (ham), soap (so), little (lit), meat (me), & boat (bow).


Sound Boxes

You have to use the ballot box to help students group sounds into words. Print, laminate, cut each card in half.

Put one game chip under each box. Students mention the name of each picture and push a chip for each sound in the word.

Head, shoulders, knees and feet

Give students one word with the sound of 1 up to 4 phonemes. Ask them to stand up and touch their shoulders, head, feet, and knees, when they speak the words. For example, the word “cat” is / c / (head), / a / (shoulder), and / t / (knee).

I’m thinking of a word

You have to tell students that you will teach them a song that will help them to hear all the sounds in a word.

After that, you should teach the song and let them to combine sounds together so that it can become words.

Sing the song several times, replace new word every single time. Scroll down on this page to open a list of words with 4-6 phonemes (sounds) for ideas!

Segmenting Cards (2-5 Phonemes)

Put the cards face up randomly on a flat surface. Ask your students to put the photos together.

Say the sound for each part of the picture while sliding the parts that are away from each other slowly.

Then you must ask your students to say the sound for each part of the picture while slowly shifting the parts together.

After they get back together, say the whole word and continue with the other picture cards

Bean Bag Sound Toss

You have to use the template. Write down words with 1 up to 5 sounds in the left column.

Ask students to count how many sounds they hear in each word and write the number in the middle column.

Then, give them 5 bags of beans and place the basket in the front of them (the distance depends on their ability to throw).

Students throw a bean bag for each sound they hear with a certain word. Points are earned for each bag of beans which makes it a basket.

Make sure they say the sound they hear when they throw a bean bag. When they finish throwing, ask them to count their points to determine the total amount.

Jumping phonemes

Place yellow, green and red mats on the floor. Give your students words with 1 up to 3 sounds.

Ask them to say the sound they heard as they jumped from mat to mat. For increased difficulty, move the mat further.

Count the sounds

It can be used similarly to a Elkonin box to divide words into sounds. Then, give them words with 1 to 5 votes and have them move tokens into boxes for each phoneme.

It’s a good idea to use different color tokens. Make sure your students move from left to right, just as they read a word.

Sound Chart

Ask students to look at every picture and determine the number of sounds in the word. Color of the box for every sound.

Word list with 4-6 phonemes (sounds)

Yu will find a list of long and v short vowel words with 4 to 6 phonemes (sounds).

Before using this list with your students, you have to make sure they have mastered the 1 to 3 word phoneme segmentation.

These words can be used with the following phonemic awareness activities for segmentation:


This segmentation activity is an easy activity to do. It eequires no material other than your hands!

Ask them to put their hands together. You have to give them a word. Every time they hear a voice in a word, ask them to say it and move their hands further.

Stretching mat

It is a way to stretch the word that is good for students who love movement! You can use a yoga mat and explain how important to stretch your body before you can stretch your brain.

You have to give your child a series of directions to stretch their bodies. For example, tell the students to touch their toes slowly.

Then, reach high in the air. After that, put their hands to the side, last, turn their heads slowly. Once they stretch their bodies, they are ready to stretch the words! Fantastic multi-sensory phonemic awareness activity.

Night Lights

It uses an inexpensive night lights that is a good way to help children learn to speak sounds with words.

Align the night lights and say a word. Ask your child mention the sound in words when they turn on the lights.

Repeat this process with the same words, but ask your child to say a sound when turning off the night lights. This type is best done in small group settings when you are working on 1 to 4 (phoneme words).

Bingo Chip Segmentation

You have to separate egg cartons and use magnetic bingo chips. Put the chips in every slot.

Please give your children words with 1 to 6 phonemes and ask them to take a chip while saying each sound. As in previous activities, it is best to teach your child to work from left to right.


Bingo Rhyme Time

Please check out our new rhyming bingo game to play with children in small group settings or in literacy centers. Directions attached!

Rhyme Time Cards and Board Games Rhyme Time

Do you want a fun way to help kids learn rhyming? You should try this game with 2 to 4 children. It is great for teaching and small group centers! Directions attached.

Mystery Bag

You have to use an old book bag filled with random objects is a great way to help rhyming children.

Find things which important to you or put things in a book bag that will make them laugh.

Now, see how many words you can think about rhyme with that object, even though it’s not an authentic word!

Rhyming Group Folder Template

Track the progress of your rhyming students using “Rhyming Groups Folder”.

Paste the following four tabs inside the manila folder, laminate, and use Post-Its to move the rhyming student development.

• Cannot Hear / Cannot Produce Rhymes

• Can Hear / Cannot Produce Rhymes

• Can Hear / Can Produce Several Verses

• Can Listen / Can Produce Rhymes Consistently

Word, Letter, Sound, & Tally Syllables

By laminating enlarging and this template, students are able to determine letters, syllables, and sounds with new words that you are working on in class.

(Kinkos is a great place to enlarge documents). It helps children imagine some words may have many letters. Yet, not many sounds and vice versa.

Letters, Sounds, Syllables, Words & Sentences Poster Template

You should cut the cards and tape each of them onto a large poster.

Give your students / children old newspapers and magazines. Help students to cut upper sounds, syllables lowercase letters,sentences, and words.

Then, paste the posters accordingly. For “sounds” and “syllables” ask your child to use pictures of objects.

Cut the object according to the number of votes and syllables. For example, the word “cat” will be cut into three parts to represent the sound / k / / a / / t /. Great multi-sensory phonemic awareness activity.

Landau Reflex

Landau Reflex

Landau Reflex – As a baby was born, he was gifted with many primitive newborn reflexes that will develop during years of his body’s growth.

They occur in any part of the infant’s body since it is still a fetus that lives in the womb until it grows and becomes toddler.

When the baby was born, the very first reflexes he has actually are natural movements for survival reason.

These natural movements are instinctive deed of the body with its function keeps develop during life while decrease as a human goes old.

These primitive newborn reflexes are unique survival movements that ever happen in the neonatal period.

They are the next step of Central Nervous System (CNS) development after birth.

There are many important primitive newborn reflexes. There are Moro, Grasp, Rooting, Landau and much more.

You can see the development stages of Landau Reflex such as follows:

In the beginning of 4 weeks or a month after birth, the infant normally is able to raise his head when he is lying on the stomach.

The infant keeps develop his Central Nervous System (CNS) during his growth.

Then, when he is lying on the stomach and the head is raised, the infant can start to lift his torso. This happens when he is two months old.

Next, when he is already 4 months old, he is able to raise his limbs while lifting his torso and head.

These stages are all integrating development for Landau Reflex. It will keep develop during the baby’s growth.

Commonly, Landau Reflex will fully integrate with all Central Nervous System (CNS) when a toddler, or a child, is around the age of three years old.

Characteristic of the Landau Reflex

Landau Reflex

These are some characteristics that you can notice:

Landau Reflex shows integration of visual reflexes, tonic-labyrinth, and neck tonic

  • It will decrease or lesser perceivable as the baby grows and develop conscious and voluntary movements. Therefore, many researchers consider this primitive reflex will only last until the first year of life
  • Despite you can do simple examination of your baby’s primitive reflex, but many professionals suggest that the examination is done by a specialist, at least for the very first time. There are about two main reasons about this suggestion. First, the specialist will be more able to examine the infant’s responses in a better way. Second, for those who never have any experience in holding baby on their arm, they may face some difficulties to control the movement of the infant. By following this suggestion, it will avoid the risk of baby being fall or experience any suffer by inopportune or inappropriate movement.
  • You can start to check and evaluate your infant’s Landau Reflex, during the fourth month of life. Then to make sure about whether your baby has an issue with it or not, you better continues to evaluate it until the baby is around the age of one until two. Or, you better evaluate your baby’s primitive reflex until it disappears as it will integrate with other part of the body.

How to Evaluate Landau Reflex

The existence of Landau Reflex is very important for the baby’s growth. It has a role to develop the integration of gross motor of the body.

Else, this ability plays role to develop integration in the back and front. It also has a role to develop integration between the bottom and top of the body system.

It will induce movement of the muscle in the higher-level and develop mature reflexes.

Thus, to know that your baby has normal Landau Reflex in the proper age, you have to evaluate it by do these simple things.

First, you have to hold the baby horizontally up in the air on your arm. Positioned baby’s tummy and head in a position of ventral (face down).

Make the baby’s position on a right angle with your forearm. You will see the baby’s legs will automatically arch up when the baby’s head is lifting, while the legs will drop down when the head is lowered.

This sign is normal for baby at the age of 3 months until up to about 1 year. Sometimes, bending the elbows and knees will also accompany this movement when the baby’s head is lifting.

This happens instinctively as a struggle form to counteract the gravity’s effect. This position also has a function for the baby to discover visual reference point.

Symptoms of a Nonintegrated Landau Reflex

It will keep develop during life and will disappear or coordinate fully at the proper time. Many toddlers will lose their Landau Reflex at the age of two or three.

Integrated Landau Reflex is very important. If nonintegrated occurs in your baby’s body, it will cause some major issues in the child’s body. This condition is like a flight delay.

It is able to cause learning issues and attention problems in the class. Therefore, children with these issues have difficulties in understanding material learning in a class while they cannot give full attention to their teacher.

Nonintegrated Landau Reflex also can induce sensorimotor problems. Children with this issue will face disorganization of their body parts.

Actually, Landau Reflex is not the only primitive survival movement that has a probability to stay or doesn’t integrate when it comes to proper time.

Children at the age of five or six who have issue with bedwetting, may have a nonintegrated Spinal Galant Reflex.

This symptom is an example at how a retained primitive newborn reflex will cause delay in body coordination development or even learning issues.

A retained Landau Reflex will bring problem such as lack of concentration and focus in the classroom. Not only that, it may also contribute to some disorganization and coordination issue.

These common signs are the easiest symptoms you can see when your child has a nonintegrated Landau Reflex:

  • Toe-walking
  • Weak organization skills
  • Difficult to stay focus and give full attention
  • Lack of concentration
  • Knees extend backward slightly
  • Problems to coordinate upper and lower body muscles
  • Retained Spinal Galant
  • Tenseness in the back of the leg.
  • Low muscle tone, particularly in the back and the neck
  • Some people have problems with vision. Especially close and three-dimensional visions
  • Hard to keep head upright, lack of ability to sit upright and support body posture to stay straight

The Connection between Lack of Concentration and Nonintegrated Landau Reflex

When Landau reflex keeps retain in the baby’s body within common time frame, this will induce poor development of muscle tone along the back of the body.

The condition causes prefrontal cortex in the brain doesn’t get adequate stimulation.

Prefrontal cortex has responsibility in social decision-making, organization and concentration.

The retained Landau Reflex often closely related to the Spinal Galant Reflex since both can lead to similar problems within the child.

Despite the similarity of the symptoms, these two have to be handled separately.

You should consider this possibility if your child struggles with concentration in the classroom.

If he difficult to retain details and lesson he is taught, or he commonly forgets about the numbers and letter, this may be the results of nonintegrated Landau Reflex and Spinal Galant Reflex.

Not only facing difficulties in concentration or focus to the lesson being taught, it may lead to lack of balancing.

Children with this condition may have tension in the calf or back of his legs. This could lead extension of the knees to the backward and trigger the child walking on his toe even after he is already in the age of five.

Moreover, retained Landau Reflex will also lead to a problem with the body between lower and upper parts which these parts cannot integrate normally.

This will cause the child struggle with balancing so he has trouble with running, sports, and other basic activities.

Actually, this retained reflex could be integrated and develop with some exercises.

This exercise objectives are to improve weak areas of the body so it will improve the body performance.

Absence of a Primitive Reflex

While we have a retained Landau Reflex that doesn’t disappear when the child has already at certain age, we also have absence of a primitive reflex.

The absence of it will cause motor weakness on some part of the body.
To gain motor strength, it will be necessary for the parents to bring their infant to a pediatrician or professional.

Pediatrician will examine the existence of the primitive reflex on the baby and then will suggest some exercise needed to get the infant’s motor development.

When examination and evaluation result from the pediatrician or professional shows that the primitive reflex doesn’t appear, it may indicate that the baby experience some kind of deficiency.

The pediatrician and professional will also conduct examination to check whether it is weak or normal.

Despite the primitive reflex appears in infant’s body, but the anomaly still has possibility to happen such as symptom of muscle weakness.

You need to know that pediatrician doesn’t only evaluate quantitative condition of your baby.

He will also check the qualitative condition such as how the survival movements are functioned in the infant’s body.

There are also some syndrome that correlated with deficiency of the body movement.

Clavicular lesson will cause asymmetrical symptom for the movement, while other various possibilities are still have a chance to occur.

When the condition is extreme, the baby may experience withdrawal syndrome.

If this condition happen, the baby will need some treatment such as motor exercise from the professional to gain his motor ability.

Other Newborn Reflexes

There are numerous of primitive newborn reflexes that will present at birth. The condition of the primitive newborn reflexes in the baby assess the functional integrity of the basal ganglia and brainstem.

Out of the landau reflex, there are approximately 8 more primitive newborn reflexes that will disappear when the baby grow.

1. Moro Reflex

It is signed by sudden head extension which induces flexion of the limbs such as legs and arm following the extension. Moro reflex will appear at the baby’s first day of life.

It will disappear at four to six months of age which indicating the maturation of descending inhibitory cerebral influences normally.

2. Grasp Reflex

It appears at the baby’s first day of life, accompanying the appearance of Moro Reflex.

Grasp reflex is reflex from the infant’s finger by flexing the finger when you place a finger or something in baby’s palm.

The flexing of the infant’s finger will then followed by flexion at the shoulder and infant’s elbow.

Grasp Reflex will disappear at four to six months of age which indicating the maturation of descending inhibitory cerebral influences normally.

3. Rooting Reflex

This appears since a baby was born. You can examine the Rooting Reflex by tactile a stimulus near infant’s mouth induces in the infant’s mouth try to catch or pursue the stimulus.

It will disappear at four to six months of age. Its origin in Central Nervous System (CNS) is in brainstem trigeminal system.

4. Galant Reflex

It appears since a baby was born, therefore you can notice the existence directly. Galant reflex will disappear at four to six months of age.

Its origin in Central Nervous System (CNS) is in spinal cord. Galant reflex is showed by stroking the baby’s skin throughout the edge of the backbone.

This causes curvature of the backbone with the apex opposite to stroke’s direction.

5. Placing Reflex

This appears at the baby’s first day of life, therefore you can examine it directly as the baby was born.

Placing reflex will disappear at four to six months of age. You can notice it by contacting the edge of the examining surface onto the foot dorsal where the baby will place the foot on examining surface. Its origin in Central Nervous System (CNS) is in cerebral cortex.

There are also Crossed Extension, Tonic Neck and Parachute Reflex where also appear at the baby’s first day of life.

Crossed Extension and Tonic Neck will disappear at four to six months of life while Parachute Reflex will never disappear.

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Why cublistens? Cublistens is a customer satisfaction survey which is hosted by Cub Foods.

The aim of this online survey is to find out what actually happen in their store based on their customer perspective and real experience.

The survey is designed to record your honest feedback, so they can improve the weakness and problem, and provide you better shopping experience.

At the end, the company hope that you will be their loyal customer by firstly making you happy and satisfy at their store.

Cublistens survey is also a great way so the company can connected and keep in touch with their valuable customers.

No matter what kind of foods or brand you shop, Cub Foods wants to know your thought and suggestions if any.

Your feedback will be something very beneficial for the company and people behind it, and almost every change done in company is based on the survey result.

By taking part in the survey, you give valuable contribution to the company and make Cub Foods a better place for everyone.

Cub Foods survey is conducted in cublistens.com. By participating in the survey, you have the chance to win $100 gift card to use in Cub Foods store.

The management realizes that customer feedback is crucial thing for company growth, so in return, every customer that gives feedback deserves to get the chance to win the prize.

Simply give your honest and true experience, then you’ll help the company making future strategy improving customer satisfaction.

Do not be worry because the questions are so easy and straightforward. There will be several questions regarding real situation in the store.

It will be about how the staffs treat you, cleanliness of the store, quality of products, genuine price, and any other things related to customer satisfaction.

If you want to participate in cublistens survey, make sure you know about its rules, eligibility and requirements, step by step, terms and conditions, and any other information you need. Down below we provide you the information, just keep reading.

Cublistens Reward

Customer’s feedback is a very crucial thing for the company, and people in-charge in it.

It helps them generating future strategy in order to give better service and make the store as better place for all their valuable customers.

In return, the company provides $100 gift card every period draw, and the winners can use this amount of money to shop in Cub Foods to many kinds of foods and pharmacy.

Besides, there is also another interesting prize rewarded to you if you win such as discount.

Make sure you take part in the survey, and win the prize. The survey is so easy with simple and straightforward question, designed with no hassle so everyone can complete the survey pretty easily.

You can do it anywhere and everywhere, and have the chance to win $100 of their gift card.

Cublistens Survey Rules and Requirements

Cublistens Survey Rules and Requirements

Participating in cublistens survey is a great idea because you contribute to the company, and have chance to win their grand prize.

However, there are several things you need to know especially about survey rules, requirements and eligibility.

Make sure that you are someone eligible and willing to complete the survey well without fraud.

  1. Participants must be the legal residents of the states of Minnesota, Illinois or Wisconsin.
  2. Participants must be at least 18 years old when entering the survey.
    You must have basic understanding of English.
  3. The survey is conducted in English, so you must be able to read and write in English.
  4. You must have visited Cub Foods Chain and keep the receipt. In the printed receipt, there is a unique entry code you can use to enter the survey.
  5. Participant must be someone honest and willing to share true experience visiting Cub Foods.
  6. Participant must have good internet connection, and device such as laptop, smartphone or table that can be connected into internet. Poor internet connection will disturb the survey process.
  7. You must have internet browser with javascript enabled, or the survey page cannot be rendered.
  8. All the employee, sponsor, family members, agencies, subsidiaries, affiliates and other people in the same household are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  9. You must obey the law, and everything against the law is prohibited.
  10. The prize cannot redeemable into cash, and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  11. There is a limit for one person per week every period of sweepstake.

Step by Step To Win $100 Gift Cards from Cublistens Survey

Win $100 Gift Cards from Cublistens Survey

There are two different ways to give feedback to Cub Foods, yet the most convenient one is through online survey.

You can complete the survey and give your feedback to the company anytime and anywhere. Here are step by step you must follow:

  • Prepare your device, and make sure that it is connected into internet.
  • Open your browser, and head over to cublistens.com.
  • There will be welcoming page with instructions. Read the instructions to begin carefully.
  • Then, click “Begin Survey” button. It is located on the right side of the page.
  • Prepare your printed receipt of your most recent visit to the Cub Foods.
  • Then, enter the unique entry code on the receipt on the box provided on the page.
  • Then, click next.
  • You will be headed to the survey with some questions given. Answer all the questions honestly based on your personal experience visiting the store.
  • You will end up the survey by submitting the personal information so you will be entered into the customer satisfaction sweepstake.
  • Before you close the page, make sure you double check and ensure that you submit correct data.
  • In the end of sweepstake period, you will be contacted if you win the draw.

If you want to give feedback via mail instead of conducting survey online, it is very possible and no purchase required.

You can send mail to the company address which is called as AMOE or Alternate Means of Entry. Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare a business envelope with proper postcard.
  2. Then, handprint your personal information such as name, phone number, complete address, state, city, zip code, and birth date.
  3. Send the mail to this address, “Hornbacher’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Entry, 625, Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, New York 14625-2437”
  4. If you are lucky, you will be contacted and win the prizes $100 gift card which is drew weely.

Choose the method you feel comfortable with, either by mail or via online. The key is just by being honest of everything, so both of you and the company will take benefit from this survey.

Cub Foods Contact Information

The company also welcome you to call them via dial (855) 282-3663. You can consult and ask anything about Cub Foods and about cublistens survey.

If there are any other queries about Cub Foods and Cub Foods customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes, send mail to this address, “SuperValu, Inc. 9317 E Sinto Ave, Spokane Valley, Washington 99206, United States.”


Giving feedback to Cub Foods via cublistens will give you benefit to make Cub Foods better place for anyone looking for bakery, fresh foods and many more.

Your feedback will help the company making future strategy for company growth.

Simply by visiting www.cublistens.com page via your website, and complete all the questions given, you deserve to be entered into a weekly draw and get the prize $100 gift card.

With more than 80 stores spread nationwide, Cub Foods have served thousands to million customers which visit them monthly, weekly and even daily.

Your contribution is something crucial then. So what are you waiting for? Let’s participate in the survey and complete it based on your real experience.

Crackerbarrel Survey, Win Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair or $100 Gift Cards

Cracker Barrel Survey Rules and Eligibility

Crackerbarrel Survey – For a Southern meal lover like you, Cracker Barrel has been very familiar to listen.

This company offers American (especially Southern) food made of fresh ingredients and delicious taste.

Visitor does not only enjoy foods in this restaurant, they also can find many kinds of interesting stuffs for gift to present to someone they love.

Combining traditional American restaurant with country themed gift store, Cracker Barrel offers something different than only place to enjoy foods.

If you ever visited Cracker Barrel, of course you know how the food was, are you satisfy or not? How about the atmosphere and situation in the location?

All your experience is something important to share with the company, and you can tell them via survey.

There are actually several method to choose in way informing your latest experience in the store, including online method, phone method and mail method.

Just like the other companies in the field of customer service, satisfaction becomes something very essential which determine future growth and sustainability of the company.

A happy customer will come again and even inviting other people like family and friends to then have the same experience.

This is what every company hope, making the customer happy and make them come again to the restaurant.

That’s why, survey is the key to record the actual situation in the restaurant according to customer experience.

Whether they satisfy or not? In this article, we are going to explain about survey conducted by Cracker Barrel, everything you need to know. Hope you enjoy!

A Glance About Cracker Barrel


Offering many kinds of traditional American foods, especially Southern, Cracker Barrel restaurant has million customers in United States and abroad.

This restaurant was founded in 1969 by Dan Evins, with its restaurant located in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Also, they had their first corporate offices which is lied in the same city yet different facility.

Today, Cracker Barrel has more than 640 locations which is spread in 42 states including in United States.

The restaurant has more than 70,000 employees from officers, staffs, directors, and more.

They are well-trained to give you best service and dining experience at Cracker Barrel.

Dining in Cracker Barrel is not only about enjoying fresh delicious foods, but also for getting different experience.

You can dine in with someone you live in a country-themed restaurant and present him/her a gift you buy from its store.

Combining restaurant and gift store is an effective breakthrough of Cracker Barrel which makes it different from any others.

If you love the atmosphere of classic, old-fashioned, cozy and artistic, Cracker Barrel is a great place to visit.

Offering country-themed atmosphere, you can enjoy your favorite foods with your family and loved ones in a warm inviting atmosphere.

They offer amazing foods and variety kinds of unique gifts for any special moments in your life.

Enjoy your dinner with country relaxing live music, then it will be a story.

Thousands people which have ever visited Cracker Barrel have their own experience which was shared and told to other people.

Do not let your story untold. Now you can express your thoughts, feeling and experience visiting Cracker Barrel via survey.

There are various survey methods you can conduct, but the most convenient one is online survey. So here we are going to give you many information needed.

Crackerbarrel Survey Online

Cracker Barrel Online Survey

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy foods with family and friends, Cracker Barrel is an awesome choice.

You can enjoy many kinds of fresh traditional food in old country theme restaurant.

Make your quality time warmer and more familiar with different atmosphere they offer.

This restaurant also welcomes you to tell and share your most recent experience visiting Cracker Barrel.

You can give feedback based on your own experience via crackerbarrel survey then you deserve to be entered in customer satisfaction sweepstakes.

Simply by giving your feedback and sharing your own personal experience, you will have the chance to get gift card and other interesting gifts in their monthly drawing.

If previously company collect feedback from their customers by using physical survey, today everything is simpler and more efficient.

You can choose various methods such as by sending mail, via phone call, and via online method.

You only need to visit a website to enter the survey. But before that, please understand its privacy policy, terms and conditions, rules and eligibility and any other information you need.

The feedback that you give whether via online or via mail will be something very beneficial for the company.

It will be a data about their customer service to then become the source what to improve and what to maintain.

It helps them evaluating real situation in the location, in the end, it helps the company to grow.

In return, as the result of your feedback, you will get better service and system in the restaurant for your better dining experience.

Crackerbarrel Survey Rewards

Participating an online customer satisfaction survey will be an alternative way to earn money.

You only need to spend around 5 to 10 minutes to finish the entire step of crackerbarrel survey from entering, complete the survey, until submitting your personal data.

In return, you have the chance to get the interesting gifts such as Cracker Barrel rocking chair or $100 gift card monthly draw in every period of sweepstake.

The step is so simple, just complete all the survey, then in the end you will get a number to enter Cracker Barrel customer satisfaction sweepstakes.

You will have the same chance with other participant to win the prize and monthly draw. It is interesting, isn’t it?

Cracker Barrel Survey Rules and Eligibility

Cracker Barrel Survey Rules and Eligibility

Now before you start doing the survey, please notice that there are rules and requirements of crackerbarrel survey. Just check firstly whether you are eligible or not.

  • Participants must be the legal resident of United States, and Columbia.
    Participants must be at least 18 years old when entering Cracker Barrel survey.
  • You must have internet connection and device that can be connected into internet.
  • One entry is only valid for one receipt, yet you can enter the survey as many times as you desire.
  • There is a time limit to complete the survey, if you does not complete it within 30 minutes, the page then will expire.
  • Winner cannot substitute the prize
  • If you prefer choosing gift card instead of Cracker Barrel rocking chair, then you will receive $100 gift card but the $50 will not be given or rewarded to you.
  • Winner responsible to taxes and other expenses relate to the prize.
  • One prize is only permitted for one person in the same household.
  • Winner cannot redeem gift card into cash.
  • There is only one invitation of receipt entry every week.
  • If you enter the survey via online, you must have invitation receipt.
  • The receipt is only valid within 7 days.
  • You must be able to write and read in Spanish or English, the survey uses those languages.
  • One access is only valid for one time enter.
  • Main entry is unlimited.
  • If you win the prize, make sure that the redeemable date is not expired. So make sure you redeem it soon before it’s expired.

Those are the rules and requirements of crackerbarrel survey.

If you prefer participating the survey via online, please do the purchase first. If you want to participate the survey via mail or phone number, no purchase required.

Steps to Win Cracker Barrel Survey Prize

Win Cracker Barrel Survey Prize

How to win crackerbarrel survey customer satisfaction? The answer is by participating in the survey.

You will get entry for the sweepstakes by completing the survey, and here are step by step:

  1. Open your browser, but firstly please make sure that your device has been connected to the internet connection.
  2. Head over to Cracker Barrel customer satisfaction survey via their official website crackerbarrel-survey.com.
  3. Then, there will be a welcoming message in the page of survey website.
    You need to select the language to use. There are two languages offered, Spanish and English, just choose one you most comfortable with.
  4. You will be headed to the page where you need to enter 12-digit unique code printed on the receipt. The access code is very important so you can enter the survey, make sure you prepare the receipt previously.
  5. Then, just enter the code. There are 4 boxes separated, each box consists of 4-digit. Then, click next.
  6. There will be questions given to you according to your own experience visiting Cracker Barrel. Just answer all the questions honestly.
  7. After completing the survey and answering all the questions provided by the company, you will be entered into Cracker Barrel sweepstakes and have gold chance to win the survey prizes.
  8. Visit Cracker Barrel survey website and in simple words, you can note whether you want rocking chair or $100 gift card.
  9. Close your browser and wait. If you are lucky, the staff will contact you.

Other Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey Method

Entering crackerbarrel survey online is a very convenient way to give feedback to Cracker Barrel and win the prize and grand prize.

But notice that there is a purchase required. You also can consider the other method to tell your thought and suggestion to Cracker Barrel, first you can give feedback by phone, and second by mail. Here are the details:

By Phone

Like the online method, giving feedback by phone requires purchase. So you need to make a purchase at the store, then carefully keep the receipt.

If you wish to give feedback by phone, there will be a survey invitation and the phone number you can contact. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Dial the number which is printed on receipt
  2. Follow the instruction given
  3. You must prepare the receipt at first because you need to tell the receipt number
  4. You need to answer the questions regarding customer satisfaction, then simply answer every question honestly based on your own experience.
  5. After completing all of the questions, you also will be asked to inform your personal data such as name, phone number, address and more.

By Mail

Besides via online and via phone call, you also can give feedback to Cracker Barrel by mail.

Unlike those methods mentioned previously, posting feedback via mail does not require any purchase. Here are the following steps to do:

  1. Prepare a business envelope and prepare a proper postcard
  2. Write your personal information such as name, age, phone number and address on the postcard.
  3. Send it by using first-class mail.
  4. Send the mail to this address “Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes – PO Box 16500, Rochester, New York, 14616”

Those are other alternative methods you can choose to give feedback to Cracker Barrel.

If you are lucky, you will win the prize and grand prize. you will be contacted via mail or via phone call.

Then, you need to verify at first, the staff will send the prize within 4 until weeks after verification.

Please notice as well that the prize cannot redeemed into cash, it is also cannot be transferred or exchanged.

There is also validity period for gift card. Make sure you redeem it before it expires.

Contact Details

If you want to complaint about your experience at Cracker Barrel restaurant, you can call on 800 333 9566. This dial is also place for you to ask crackerbarrel survey queries if any.

Also, if you need winner list, you can request the list which is send to your address. Send the request the below address:

Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes Winner List, PO Box 16350, Rochester, New York 14667. The request must be received at the period of sweepstakes.


Cracker Barrel

Dinner in Cracker Barrel will give you good experience. They have fresh foods, delicious deserts, and wide variety of menus including kids menu.

Cracker Barrel is also very suitable for any time from breakfast, lunch to dinner.

Not only great foods, they also offer great place with country-themed interior.

Enjoy your dine-in at Cracker Barrel with country live music and cozy atmosphere, they also have great service.

If you love Cracker Barrel, or if you want to help the company to grow and give better service, do not be hesitate to take part Crackerbarrel Survey and win the prize.

Arby’s Survey at www.arbys.com/survey Win $1,000

Arby’s Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever heard about Arby? It is a restaurant chain located in United States, and very popular for its menu especially sandwich.

Some people even claim that Arby’s has the best sandwich in America. Beside sandwich, there are also several foods they offer in their menu list including many kinds of fast food.

We believe that you have visited Arby’s at least once in your life. Arby’s is spread in United States and you can find this restaurant easily.

If you want to enjoy sandwich and other fresh menu such as salad, the restaurant is recommended.

The restaurant serve salad in its way making it feels so special and different. It is not only good for health, but also offers good taste.

Besides those healthy menus mentioned above, you also can find unique foods in Arby’s like meat craft which is served with art, making it is as one of the most innovative product in the country with high proteins.

You can enjoy it with curly fries and Jamocha shakes which are also offered in Arby’s menu list.

Just like the other restaurant, Arby’s also dedicates to give the best experience for their lovely customer in every time they visit the restaurant.

Good atmosphere, delicious menu, genuine price, good vibe and atmosphere, and of course, good attitude of the staffs.

Those are what Arby’s offers to you, as their customers, to make you happy and want to visit Arby’s again later.

The restaurant does not only offer healthy and delicious menu, but quick service so that customers will not wait so long for the foods they order.

That’s why the restaurant which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has loyal basic customer with the number increase every year.

A Glance About Arby’s Restaurant


Arby’s restaurant is a popular quick service restaurant in United States. It was established in 1964 in United States by Leroy and Forest Raffle.

In around 1964, people are so addicted to burger, and it was very popular at that time.

Leroy and Forest Raffle think something different, instead of offering burger in their restaurant, they choose to sell sandwich.

The first Arby’s location is in Boardman Ohio, with their first menu sandwich with hot beef and sliced.

Besides, they also offer burger in their list menu. However, sandwich is the main menu they offer which also makes the company very popular with their fresh delicious sandwich.

Then, in around 1974, the owner makeover the restaurant which makes it the history from classic look to the sleeker one.

Today, according to the latest data in 2019, Arby’s has more than 3470 locations which are spread in United States, Canada, Egypt, South Korea and more.

With such that big number of locations making the restaurant is one of the largest fast-food restaurant chains in United States that specifies itself to sandwich.

You will love so much their beef and cheddar sandwich which is very delicate to pair with roasted Turkey and curly fries. They offer fresh and high quality ingredients.

Arby’s restaurant is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. With such big number of locations, the serve million customers, and it is not an easy thing to record every feedback from their customers.

For this reason, the company then conduct Arby’s survey and customer feedback.

They welcome you to say what you want to say about the restaurant, and express your future expectations.

Arby’s Online Survey

Arby’s Online Survey

For every company, customer satisfaction and happiness is everything. They are nothing without a happy customer that come again to the restaurant and becoming a loyal customer.

However, it is not an easy thing to collect any feedback and comment for every single person that comes to the restaurant.

Physical review such as by using a piece of paper seems impossible and will not effective anymore.

Today, they are many innovations through digital including online survey. Many companies conduct online survey to record and collect customer feedback through online.

Via survey website, customers can access it anytime and anywhere, whether purchase required and even no purchase required.

There are some methods the company offer, whether via mail or via survey website.

You can say what you want to say about the company and your thoughts to help the company growth.

Simply by telling them what happened to you in their locations, you have the opportunity to get a very interesting prize.

The company name it as arbyswemakeitright, a place where you can participate an online survey and get an entry for the sweepstakes, free foods menu and other interesting reward.

Just keep reading this article, and find many information you need about eligibility, requirements, restrictions, rewards and step how to win the prize.


Arbys Survey Rewards

Happiness and satisfaction of their customer is something very crucial for every company in the field of customer satisfaction such as restaurant chain.

For this reason, Arby’s is also very serious to get the data about customer satisfaction which will help them deciding future strategy and improving quality and service.

The purpose of Arby’s survey is to figure out the scale of satisfaction of their customers.

Also, you can talk about anything you experience visiting Arby’s location such as how the food was, how the staffs treated you, cleanliness and hygiene of the locations, price and more.

Arby’s welcome you a lot to tell your comment, suggestion and complaint. You can visit Arby’s official site and visit their online survey via their website.

Your feedback will be something very valuable for the company, so in return, you deserve to be entered into a sweepstakes to get $1,000 daily or $1,500 weekly.

Arby’s want to get best service and best quality food to their customer, so they survey will be a great way to do. Also, you will get better experience visiting Arby’s from the survey you did.

Not only getting the chance to win $1,000 daily or $1,500 weekly, your feedback also will help the company improving customer satisfaction, so this restaurant will be more convenient for you.

How about the eligibility? Are you eligible or not? Just keep reading this article.

Arby’s Online Survey Eligibility and Rules

To win $1,000 daily, just head over the Arby’s online survey and follow every instruction given. It is just as simple as that.

You will get something minty and icy rather than only winning a free menu. But notice that to participate in Arby’s survey at arbyswemakeitright, it requires a purchase.

So make sure you purchase a menu from your nearest Arby’s restaurant and keep the receipt. After that, check whether you are eligible or not to take part in the survey.

  1. The first and the most important is that you must be the legal resident of United States, Puerto Rico, Columbia, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, South Korea and Honduras.
  2. You also must be at least 18 years old, less than 18 years old is not permitted.
  3. PO boxes are not allowed when you need to enter a mail.
  4. Remember as well that per person only can participate in a weekly customer satisfaction sweepstake once for 90 days.
  5. Only submit one email in every entry, extra entries are avoided.
  6. You must have the printed receipt from Arby’s restaurant chain with survey entry code. Just do the survey soon because receipt is only valid for several days.
  7. The survey uses English or Spanish, so you must be able to use English or Spanish, both reading and writing skill.
  8. You must have a device such as Tablet, smartphone, PC or laptop that can be connected to internet.
  9. You must be someone with integrity and willing to answer all the questions honestly based on your own personal experience.
  10. Employee, director, officer and their family member, or person in the same household are not eligible to take part in the online survey.

After ensuring that you are someone eligible to participate in the survey, then let’s hurry to prepare yourself and take time to finish this survey.

How to Win Arby’s Online Survey

How to Win Arby’s Online Survey

The prize which is provided by Arby’s restaurant for their loyal customer that wants to share experience of visiting Arby’s and their thought is big.

So, how to win $1,000 daily or $1,500 weekly from Arby’s? The steps are so easy and straightforward, here are step by step you need to do:

  • Keep the receipt carefully because there is printed the survey entry.
  • Open your browser, and head over to Arby’s official site and click take survey or head over arbyswemakeitright.com
  • After entering the website, you need to choose the languages. The survey uses Spanish and English, choose the language you prefer.
  • Then, you will be headed to a page where you need to submit some important information including date of your visit, restaurant number, time of your visit, amount of money you spent, type of visit whether it is drive-thru, dine-in or carry out.
  • Don’t worry, there is an example of Arby’s receipt with detail information you need to fill provided in the website.
  • Make sure you enter valid information, then after ensure it, just click “next” and you will continue the survey
  • There will be some questions given to you as the part of the survey. The questions are straightforward and simple. You only need to answer the questions based on your own experience at Arby’s location.
  • Simply complete every questions and answer honestly. Then, you need to submit the entry for the sweepstake. Make sure you submit the correct data of yourself. It includes phone number, name, address and email. So you will be included into the weekly or daily prize draw.
  • If you are lucky, you will be contacted by the staffs.

You also can write a complaint if any, you can write a complaint in the complaint box.

Your feedback can help the company to grow and decide future strategy for customer satisfaction.

In the end, what you do by spending your 5 to 10 minutes to complete this survey will affect to you as well because Arby’s will be a better place for everyone.

Arby’s Survey By Mail

Arby’s does not only provide customer satisfaction survey via online. You also can say what you want to say and tell them about your experience at Arby’s via mail.

Unlike online survey via arbyswemakeitright.com, feedback via mail does not require any purchase.

So you can send the company mail about your comment, suggestion, complaint and review even though you have no receipt on you. Also, you have the chance to be included to daily or weekly sweepstake.

What you need to do is preparing business envelope first. Write your name, phone number, address (no PO BOX) and other personal details.

You can write a comment and feedback and end it up with the sentence to enter you in the sweepstake so you will have the chance to win the prize. Send it to this following ,address “C/O Empathica Weekly/Daily Sweepstakes” 511 Avenue of the Americas, #40 New York, 10011.

More Information About Arby’s Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes

Arby’s Customer Satisfaction

Participating in an online survey will be very interesting to do because your feedback is a great help for the company, then, you deserve to get the chance winning an amount of money. Here are the other important information for you:

  • If you are eligible and have complete the survey, you will be entered into a daily or weekly sweepstakes and have the chance to win $1,000 daily or $1,500 weekly.
  • Both online entry and mail-in entry will receive total ten entries for subsequent draws.
  • If you win, there will be a skill testing question in order to claim the prize.
  • The reward/prize will be given in form of money order or check according to currency of winner’s country.
  • If you need any other more information about arby’s customer satisfaction survey and the sweepstake, you can head over to the left bottom corner of entry page. You will read privacy policy, list of previous winners and more.
  • If you want to contact Arby’s, you can call them at 1-800-599-2729 or 1-800-984-8289 for phone survey number.


As one of the largest restaurant chain in United States, Arby’s has a huge number of customers.

Serving variety kinds of menu in more than 1,400 locations, it is not easy for Arby’s to collect and record feedback from their customers to figure out real situation in the locations.

Just take your time for around 5 to 10 minutes to complete the survey, share and tell them your experience visiting Arby’s, how the menu? How the staffs behavior? How the locations hygiene? And more.

Providing better service for the customer and figure out what customer thought is the purpose of this survey.

It is reasonable that Arby’s reward such big amount of money to their supporting customers which complete the survey because they realize that customer satisfaction is such a crucial thing for the existence of the restaurant.

Tellmurphyusa Survey Online at www.Tellmurphyusa.com , Win Free Gas $100


Tellmurphyusa – Where do you fill your vehicle fuel? One of the names that you remember is your mind must be Murphy USA.

Murphy USA is a very popular company, the subsidiary company of Murphy Oil, where you can fill your fuel.

Fuel is very essential product today, that’s why there are billion people in the world go to fueling station every day.

Murphy USA is one of the biggest company in United States which is also ranked as one of the highest earning company in the world based on Fortune 500, must have million customers they serve every day.

Recording the review and feedback from their customers is very critical to help the company, and all people behind it, making the strategy for future and improve customer satisfaction rate.

It will be difficult to record and collect all the data physically, as there are million customers of Murphy USA every day they serve.

Thanks to this digital era, which eases everything, make everything simpler and faster through digital.

It becomes a trend that almost every big company has their own online survey to collect and hear feedback from their customers about real situation, no exceptionally such big company like Murphy USA.

How the price is, how the hygiene of the locations and how the staffs behavior is what the company wants to know from you.

This will be a good opportunity because you can say what you want to say and tell them about your experience in Murphy USA.

For this effort, you deserve to get entry for sweepstakes and winning $100 fuel cards.

It sounds amazing isn’t it? You can use the reward to purchase fuel in Murphy USA, and save money.

Tellmurphyusa is provides you chance to earn money only by participating into a customer satisfaction survey.

About Murphy USA


If you live in United States, you will be very familiar with Murphy USA. The company is a retail gas station chain which has operated since 1996.

Murphy USA is the part of Murphy Express company which offers many products especially in the field of fueling lanes.

Has formed for more than one decade, today, Murphy USA has operate 1400 fueling stations and mostly, the stations are located near Walmart.

Spread in 26 states in United States of America, Murphy USA also has fueling stations which is independent in around 240 locations.

That’s why, the company is one of the leading fueling company in USA that serves million customers every year with very huge valuation.

As a subsidiary company of Murphy Oil, Murphy USA hits big success with one of the highest earning company in the world.

This data is according to Fortune 500. And how about their customer satisfaction? Whether it is high or not? This data is very crucial for the company to make further strategy for customer service and the company growth.

Are you interested in participating tellmurphyusa online survey? Just keep reading this article.

Find any information you need including eligibility, rules, step by step and how to win the prize.

Tellmurphyusa Online Survey

Tellmurphyusa Online Survey

If you often fill fuel in Murphy USA, you have the opportunity to get special receipt.

The special receipt given at any Murphy USA locations, or at Murphy Express.

Then, you will be offered to participate in a customer satisfaction survey, and tell your recent experience in the locations.

Your feedback and comment will be something very valuable for the company.

Also, it will help them improve customer service and you will get better service fueling in Murphy USA.

If you are eligible to take part in the survey, and you have a special receipt on your hand, you will have the chance to get free gas in form of $100 gas card that you can use in any Murphy USA locations.

Simply by spending your time around 5 to 10 minutes, and answer all the brief questions given by the company about your most recent experience at their locations, you will be entered into a sweepstakes to win that prize.

Murphy USA conducts their customer satisfaction online survey in tellmurphyusa.com, or you also can access the online survey via their official website.

Just using your smartphone, tablet or your PC, and do the survey anywhere and anytime, you help the company to understand their customers, figure out customer’s need, and recording customer’s thoughts and feeling at their locations.

Another thing that you need is honesty, because this survey means nothing when you manipulate it.

Objectives of Murphy USA Customer Satisfaction Survey

Online Survey

In every survey conducted by a company related to the customer satisfaction, it is brief that the goal and objective of the survey is for giving better service and customer satisfaction rate.

Furthermore, it will help the growth of the company in the future. When answering the questions given in the survey, it will be all about your experience visiting the store, and the other domains such as:

  • Quality and quantity maintenance of the item offered
  • Demands fulfillment of the customers
  • Prices, whether it is genuine or not.
  • Atmosphere of the store, its interior and the administrations.
  • Hygiene of the store
  • Speed of service
  • How the staffs’ attitude
  • Better requirements comprehension

Question Structure of Tellmurphyusa

Tellmurphyusa Survey Question

The structure of questions given by Murphy USA will relate to the domains mentioned previously.

It is just like the other customer satisfaction survey. The questions are straightforward and simple, composed below:

  1. The questions will be about your overall fulfillment and satisfaction in the store. You need to rate your experience there.
  2. The next structure questions is about goods or stuffs that you purchase, what kinds of good, whether it is fuel or the other items. Tell also your installment strategy that you choose.
  3. Also, the survey will contain the questions about overview, how your visit was.
  4. Last, you need to give final rating and give a review. There are few subjects that you should rate from neatness and cleanliness of the bathroom, speed service, administration, price, and more.

Requirements to Participate in Tellmurphyusa

If you often visit Murphy USA and you have the special receipt with the entry code to tellmurphyusa, you need to spend time and do the survey.

In return, the company will enter you into a sweepstake to win free gas in form of $100 gas card.

However, there are also several requirements and rules that you need to obey, whether you are eligible or not to take part in the survey and included in the sweepstake, let’s find the answer here.

  • You must be the legal resident of United States or residents of District of Columbia.
  • You must be at least 18 years old. If you are less than 18 years old, so sorry you can’t be included.
  • The employee, officers, directors, affiliates, advertising agencies, subsidiaries and other parts that relate to Murphy USA also with their family members or one in the same household are not eligible to take part in the survey.
  • You must visit Murphy USA during period of sweepstakes. Make sure you also receive a printed receipt with the survey entry code in it.
  • 1 valid receipt is only valid for 1 entry.
  • You must be able to read and write in English or Spanish. The survey uses those languages. Just choose one you feel comfortable with.
  • In the printed receipt, there is a time mentioned about when you have to complete the survey. Make sure you complete it in the time period so you can be included into the sweepstakes.
  • You must have good internet connection. Good internet connection will help you completing the survey faster.
  • You must have device that can be connected into the internet. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or PC, just choose device you feel more convenient.
  • Make sure that your browser is javascript enabled, because the website used javascript.
  • Make sure that you are someone honest, honesty is very crucial in any survey.
  • The entries are unlimited, so you can enter survey again in next period of sweepstakes.
  • The taxes are responsibility of the winner.
  • The prize cannot be converted into cash.

Steps to Complete Tellmurphyusa Online Survey

If you want to tell something about Murphy USA, or want to inform the company about your most recent experience visiting Murphy USA, actually there are two ways that you can choose.

One is by entering online, which also requires purchase. Second is by mail with no purchase required.

However, the most convenient way to participate in Murphy USA sweepstakes is by entering online.

Just visit the store, take the receipt, keep it, and participate in the survey. After that, here are the following steps you need to take completing the survey and win the prize.

  1. From your device that has be connected to internet, open your browser and head to www.tellmurphyusa.com.
  2. In the website, you will see the boxes you must fill. Those are the survey code and the date of your visit. Simply check your receipt, the code are printed on your receipt. You can see the sample provided in the website.
  3. Then, click start. Now, you will be headed to the survey questions. Just be relax, and answer all the questions provided honestly.
  4. When answering your questions, it must be about your most recent experience visiting Murphy USA. Just recall what happened and what you experienced there.
  5. After answering all the questions, you will be asked to provide your personal details such as name, age, and phone number. Then, you will entered into Murphy USA customer satisfaction sweepstakes and have chance to win the prize.
  6. Make sure you submit your personal data well. If you win, the company or the authority will contact you. If you do not respond after 2 times contact attempt, you are considered voided. That’s why, just check and check again before you finally submit your data.


Rewards of Tellmurphyusa Online Survey

Winning the prize after participating a survey is a very pleasing thing. If you win the sweepstakes, Murphy USA provides $100 gas card each period you can use to purchase in Murphy USA locations.

This amount of money is more than enough, and will be a very interesting way to earn without attempting too much.

It is as the gratitude of the company because you help them getting information about your experience, and help them know about what you want the next.

If you are eligible to participate in the survey, just do it because completing the survey actually will not spend much time.

It will only take 5 to 10 minutes. The questions given are also so brief and straightforward, so you will not be confused about the answer.

The website is also easy to navigate and user-friendly. Hope you are lucky and win the prize.

Murphy USA Customer Satisfaction Survey By Mail

Besides entering via online, you also can give feedback to the company by mail.

If you choose this method, there is no purchase required, because you do not need to enter the entry code just like what online survey requires. If you are interested in this way, here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Prepare a postcard, and write your name, your telephone number, and also your address.
  • Mail it via first class mail to this address, “Murphy USA Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes PMI Station, PO Box 3516, Southbury CT 06488-3516.

Please note that if you want to be included in Murphy USA customer satisfaction sweepstakes, your entry must be postmarked by last date every period. Also, no later than 8 days received of the following month.

Entering the survey by mail will be an alternative method you need to try, good luck.

Murphy USA Contact Information

If you want to contact the company, you can contact them via sponsor at this address, “Murphy Oil USA, Inc.,200 Peach Street, El Dorado, AR 71730”

If you also need information about customer satisfaction sweepstakes, you can contact this address Promotion Mechanics, Inc., 87 South Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470 or hotline 1.800.843.4298.

You also can reach them online at www.tellmurphyusa.com. If you want to ask any questions about customer satisfaction survey, you also can send an email to their official email address, [email protected]


Murphy USA serves many kind of fuel from premium to midgrade to million customers.

It is not easy for the company to figure out whether every aspects in Murphy USA has accomplished any individual demand of the customers, which relates to their satisfaction.

A satisfy (happy) customer will come again to our store, we all believe it so much.

That’s why, tellmurphyusa is built as the bridge between customers and people behind the company.

Also, it is a very good chance for you to tell your thoughts and earn money if you are lucky.

Talktohannaford Survey at www.talktohannaford.com , Win $500 Gift Card!


Talktohannaford – Do you like shopping at Hanna Ford? You might have the most favorite good that you buy in Hanna Ford. Today you can shopping online at hannaford.com.

You are also might be one of the loyal customer of Hanna Ford that visit this store frequently.

If you have something to say to Hanna Ford, you now can express what you think and give feedback to the company through an online survey the conduct.

In return, you will get a reward in the form of entry of sweepstakes and other interesting rewards.

To tell what you are thinking about Hanna Ford can be done through Hannaford customer survey, they name it talktohannaford.

By finishing the survey, you have the opportunity to get 12 Hannaford gift cards valued $250 each.

Here are the more information about talktohannaford, just keep reading this article and get the information you need.

It includes requirements and eligibility to enter the survey, step by step instructions, and many more.

About Hannaford


For you who are the residents of New York and around, you must be very familiar with Hanna Ford.

Hanna Ford is a popular grocery store where you can find variety products for your daily needs.

By shopping in Hanna Ford, you can participate in the survey, and give the company positive feedback.

You also have the opportunity to win gift cards value total $30,000. Just by spending your time around 5 to 10 minutes, you do something beneficial.

The benefits are both for you and the company. Getting superior service in Hannaford, chance winning $500 gift card and helping the company growth are what you will get.

What you can find in Hannaford? Actually there are many kinds of goods available in Hannaford just like the other grocery stores.

You can find variety kinds of bakery, floral, frozen foods, meat, seafood, snacks, sushi, dairy liquor, produce until pharmacy.

This is a one-stop shop for your needs, especially kitchen. In only under one store, you can find anything you need for daily life.

It is really save your time because you only need to expose one store to find your kitchen needs.

Founded by Arthur Hannaford in 1883, the retailer is still going today servicing their million customers in USA.

This grocery store chain is headquartered in Maine. Hannaford only can be found in several small city in Southeast USA, and in some big cities around.

In 1920, the brothers of the founder, Howard and Edward joined to the company making the company became a leading wholesaler in Northeast at that time. Fourty years later, exactly in 1960, the company built their distribution center in Maine.

It is 200,000 square feet large. The distribution center was made for more effective service to expand the stores.

In early 1970s, the company finally earned 1 million dollar per year. It was such an amazing value at that time.

Today, in 2020, the company at least has 180 locations spread in United States, especially in Southeast area.

This is a big number which also means that Hannaford has big number of loyal customers.

Maine becomes the major locations of Hannaford. You can find Hannaford almost anywhere in Maine.

If you are the loyal customer of Hannaford, this company conducts an online survey to hear what you want to say about them.

What you say is a very great and valuable feedback for the company to improve their service and customer satisfaction rate.

Hannaford as one of the popular retail industry in USA, especially in Northeast area, really welcome to any comment and feedback about their service.

In this article, we are going to talk more about an online survey conducted by Hannaford, is it legit or a scam? What is the reward? What are the requirements?

Is there any restrictions and other important thing you need to know. Just keep reading until the end.

Talktohannaford Online Survey


Hannaford is one of the oldest retail store in Northeast, and somehow, it is also the most trusted one.

Today, Hannaford has more than 180 stores spread in United States, especially in Northeast area.

You can easily find Hannaford, just select the locations near you and where you convenient.

Hannaford is not only about shopping, they also want to keep in touch with their customer, and hear what they want to express like comment and review.

The company provides provisions for their customers to take part in an online survey they conduct, named talktohannaford customer survey.

The survey allows you giving any opinions about your experience shopping at Hannaford store. Also, you can give comment about any products you purchase there.

Through talktohannaford, the company wants to record all the valuable feedback from their million customers digitally.

Your opinion about your current experience at the store is a very beneficial thing for the company, so in return, you deserve to get a rewards which allows you shopping for free at the store.

Also, your feedback will be the source for the company to do improvement in their service and strategy.

Your leading feedback will be beneficial, and any changes done by the company is as the result of the survey.

So, are you ready to make money and get reward from talktohannaford? It will be very interesting, and if you want to participate in the survey, it will be very easy anyway.

We will dig deeper information about legitness, how to win, advantages, and other details down below.

Is TalktoHannaford Legit?

TalktoHannaford Legit

There are many questions about talktohannaford, and the first question everyone has before participate in the survey is whether the survey legit or a scam?

It is reality that we often find some outlets promising excellent rewards for customers who take part in the survey.

But in the end, they deliver nothing. This is what makes many people unmotivated to participate in any other survey.

But you do not need to worry, because the survey conducted by this one-stop shoppers at talktohannaford is legit, and it is not a scam.

After finishing the survey, you will end up by receiving an interesting rewards from gift card, entry to a sweepstakes, and even a free shopping opportunity.

When it comes to Hannaford, with more than 180 physical locations, you do not need to worry about its legitness.

For the purchase you make in the store, you have the opportunity to get $500 Hannaford gift cards.

With so many locations spread in Northeast area, it is very easy for you to find the store near you.

With the goal to improve the service to expand the store until worldwide, you need to participate in this survey.

Talktohannaford Rewards

Talktohannaford Rewards

Becoming a customer of Hannaford means that you also have opportunity to participate in their online survey via talktohannaford.com.

Your feedback and comment will be such a very valuable thing for the company leading any changes for further customer satisfaction.

That’s why, the company provide an interesting gift you can win for participating the survey, including the gift cards for amount $500. Just give your humble opinion and you will get free shopping or gift cards.

To evaluate their service and to record customer satisfaction, your answer is a very important data.

It also will be used to make future changes about strategy, service and goods available in the store.

That’s why, your opinion is important for the growth of the company they concerned.

So, in order to get higher opportunity to win the $500 gift cards, the key is just be honest, the more you honest the bigger chance to win.

Eligibility to Participate Talktohannaford

For a frequent customer of Hannaford like you, you may as whether I am eligible or not.

The company yearns for their customer feedback, so you need to participate in this online survey to help this oldest store in United States give you superior service in the future.

Here are the criteria of talktohannaford, just make sure whether you are eligible or not.

  1. To participate in talktohannaford, you must be at least 18 years old. If your age is adequate, it helps the company getting more honest feedback.
  2. You must be the resident of United States, United Kingdom or Canada. In these areas, you can find the store of Hannaford, hence, your opinion must be your own real experience visiting the store near you.
  3. You must have good internet connection. Good internet connection lets you conduct the survey well so you can attempt answering the questions faster.
  4. You must have a smart device, such as tablet, PC, or smartphone. The devices also must be able to connect to the internet.
  5. This one is another very important thing, you must have the printed purchase receipt. There is talktohannaford entry code printed.
  6. You must be able to read and write in English or Spanish. The survey is conducted using those languages.
  7. The employees and representatives of Hannaford are not allowed to participate in the survey.
  8. You must remember all the shopping experience clearly. You need to recall it so make sure you have good memory or you’re not shopping when drunk.

Steps to Talktohannaford Online Survey

After you confirm that you are eligible to participate in talktohannaford survey, just take it soon.

Prepare all you need from your spare time (make sure you do not conduct the survey when you are busy or there will be much interruption) device, internet connection, your Hannaford receipt and other additional such as pen and notebook. After everything are ready, so here are the step by step to follow:

  • Open your browser, make sure it is javascript enabled because the website uses javascript.
  • Click talktohannaford.com or visit Hannaford official site to take the survey.
  • You need to enter the entry code which is printed in the receipt.
  • Then, press next to enter the questions. There will be several questions given.
  • The questions are about your last shopping experience at Hannaford. You must be honest in answering how the product is, the cleanliness of the store, how the working staffs treat you, and any other quality service that you experience at that time. You are also asked would you prefer the store and would you recommend it to other people? The questions are straightforward, so it will be easy.
  • After finishing the questions, they will ask your personal information. It is important because the company will contact you if you win the rewards.
  • Then, you will be entered into the sweepstakes and getting chance to win the reward.

Better for you to enter the survey by mail rather than by online mail. When you are lucky, your name is picked and you win $500 gift card. The gift card can be used at the store.

Talktohannaford Reward Rules

If you are lucky, the company will contact you and inform you that you win the reward. However, there are also several things you need to know about reward rules. Here they are:

  1. It is limit for 13 entries per person per period of sweepstakes. The entry which is more than 13 times is considered invalid or voided.
  2. If you win the $500 gift cards, you will be contacted via email two days after draw.
  3. If the winner doesn’t give any response after the company attempting to contact 2 times, the winner is considered to disqualified and the company can award the gift cards to another entrant.
  4. It is limit of one reward per entrant and the household.

Reasons Why You Should Participate in This Survey

There are many online survey you can participate in United States. It is a very good opportunity for you as the customer to give your feedback, comment and honest review about what you experience and what your thought about the company.

Here are other reasons why you need to take part in talktohannaford online survey:

  • The survey is very user-friendly with easy questions as well. The questions are so simple and straightforward.
  • You have the opportunity by getting $500 gift card. The survey allows you getting entry for the sweepstakes. The gift card can be used to shop at the store.
  • Your contribution by answering the survey will help the company to improve service for you.
  • Every entrant has the equal chance to win the prize.
  • You will help the company to grow.

Bottom Line

Talktohannaford is an online survey conducted by Hannaford to record feedback from customers.

You can visit via website talktohannaford.com and just follow the instructions given.

Then, you have the opportunity to win the prize. You also can give feedback by mail, and no purchase required. Simply write down your name, your address, birthday, email and your phone number on a 3×5” card.

Then, mail it in business envelope and send it to “Tellhannaford Sweepstakes”, P.O. Box 10430, Rochester, NY 14610.

You also can contact the company via email [email protected] or phone 1 (800) 213-9040.

AutoZonecares Survey Online at www.autozonecares.com


AutoZonecares Survey – Have you ever heard about AutoZone? It is one of a very popular automotive retail store chain spread in United States.

The company welcome all its customers to tell their experience in AutoZone by conducting an online survey.

In this digital age, online survey is very popular hold by many companies, to record the satisfaction rate, comments and feedback from their customers.

The survey is often hold by third party, a company which specialized themselves on survey and service for customer’s satisfaction record.

AutoZone as one of the largest automotive retail store chain realizes that getting feedback and in the form of comment and rating is very essential for their improvement in service and quality.

Today, survey is not conducted physically with a piece of paper. You only need to have a device that can be connected into the internet, and the survey anywhere and everywhere.

It will be very easy, simply experience your experience at the store. Then, in return, you are rewarded with a coupon code or entry for a sweepstakes. Interesting, isn’t it?

That’s why, this company welcome feedback from customers hold in www.AutoZonecares.com.

It is a kind of customer satisfaction survey, where there are some questions the company ask for, and you only need to answer it based on your recent experience.

For the further information about AutoZone customer’s satisfaction survey, just read the article down below!

About AutoZone


For some people who love automotive, and even for ordinary people that has no interest to automotive (such as a car owner), AutoZone is a very familiar name.

How not, it is very popular in united states, the country’s second largest distributor of automotive.

AutoZone also has more than 4,000 outlets spread in United States, and 2,000 others in Mexico and Brazil, that’s why the company is very popular in the country.

If you are looking for superior quality automotive products and service, AutoZone will be a great place to visit.

This company offers high quality automobile spare parts and accessories that you need for your own vehicle.

There are very huge variety selections of automobile spare parts and accessories, from various brand and price range. It is a premier place if you are looking for superior quality.

With 4,000 outlets spread nationwide, of course AutoZone has very huge number of customers.

There are million customers the serve every year. With this amount, it is impossible for the company to conduct survey about customer satisfaction physically.

Luckily, in this digital age, it can be conducted online. Companies can cooperate with third party to hold the survey, keeping the database record, and use the data for company improvement and future strategy.

If you want to get a special reward from AutoZone, and if you have something to say or want to help the company getting information about real time situation in their outlets, you can participate in an online survey conducted the company.

Your feedback is a very important thing for the company, and all people behind it, to then make decision about strategy and further steps.

Autozone Online Survey

Autozone Online Survey

AutoZone is very welcome to the feedback and comment from their valued customers.

It will be the best thing they consider to make future strategy. Any changes that the company make is as the result of the survey.

That’s why, your feedback and comment for the company is something very valuable.

Realizing that customer’s satisfaction is very essential, the company welcome you to participate in a survey.

You can take part in AutoZonecares, it is the name of AutoZone online survey. The survey is conducted online, so you can do it anywhere and anytime.

Your humble feedback based on your experience to their outlet near you is everything for the company.

They really want to know about your experience about the products, and their service.

AutoZonecares is the best way for the company to connect with their lovely customers.

So they can get honest and real judgement based on the real situation encountered by the customers.

Without your feedback, the company cannot improve strategy and sketch up the perfect customer’s experience.

Your feedback can contribute to the company to furnish great customer satisfaction.

Your feedback on AutoZonecares is recorded, and the company aim to analyze it, then use it to improve the quality of service and further strategy. That’s why, without your help, it is almost impossible to do.

The company really wants to make AutoZone is the best place for customers to get superior quality of automobile parts.

In this survey, you will be gives the questionnaires related to the products and service.

Everyone can easily participate on the survey, because AutoZonecares is very easy with user-friendly website.

You also do not need to worry in answering the AutoZonecares questions. The questions are all about your recent experience at the outlets.

Simply remember your recent visit, how the staffs treat you, were they friendly and helpful? how about the quality of products, and many more.

Just be honest in answering all the questions the company ask for, it is about overall satisfaction at the store.

Also, you can make suggestions to the company, simply type it in the survey form.

After finishing the survey at AutoZonecares, in return, you have the chance to get the grand prize, the amount is $5,000 cash.

This is a big amount of money, anyway. This is the way of the company gratitude for your help giving feedback.

Simply take part to the survey, and you will have the entry to the sweepstakes.

Only by answering questions about your experience and satisfaction, you have the opportunity to get big amount of cash, discount, and other interesting deal and rewards.

Keep on reading this article to read and learn more about rules, requirements, restrictions, steps and prizes.

AutoZonecares Rewards

As the reward for their lovely customers, and as the gratitude for helping the company getting feedback, AutoZone rewards their customers with $5,000 cash in the form of check prize.

If you take part in the survey, you have the opportunity to get the cash. This amount of money will be awarded to the lucky participants each entry period.

In entire sweepstakes, the amount of money is $20,000. Simply by spending around 10-15 minutes of your time to answer all the questions the company asks to you, you will have the opportunity to get the cash.

The questions are also very simple, to win the cash, simply answer all the questions honestly.

Keep reading this article to get more information about how to win AutoZonecares online survey.

How to Win $5000 Cash Reward in AutoZonecares Survey

cash reward

Here are the requirements, restrictions and step by step you need to follow in order to win $5,000 cash prize in AutoZonecares online survey.

Firstly, make sure you are eligible to participate, read the requirements very well.

Do not forget as well to learn about restrictions, term and condition, also step by step detail to follow. Make sure you do not miss anything at all.

AutoZonecares Online Survey Requirements

In making the AutoZone a better one, the company need your feedback and suggestion.

That’s why, do not be hesitate to participate in the survey. it is very easy and simple.

If you are interested, here are the requirements to participate in AutoZonecares survey:

  1. If you are the citizen of United States, Columbia, and Puerto Rico (exclude Hawaii and other offshore US territories), you are eligible to take part in the survey and answer the questionnaires.
  2. To enter or win, no purchase is required. There are actually two types you can enter the survey, first based on store purchase, second, by email. If you want to enter the online survey at AutoZonecares, you must have recent store purchase. There will be a selected receipt with unique entry code you can use. If you have no receipt and store purchase, you can give feedback via comment.
  3.  You must be older than 21 years old. If you are less than 21 years old, so sorry you are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  4. The entry is limited by time. Make sure you check the entry period time.
  5. Make sure you have email. Login your email via your phone or other devices.
  6. You must have a device that can connect to internet. You can use your phone, table, laptop and even personal computer.
  7. Make sure that you use javascript enabled browser. To access AutoZonecares website, the web browser must be able to read javascript.
  8. You must be able to read and write in English or Spanish. The survey is conducted in those languages. You can choose one that you comfortable with, either English or Spanish.
  9. Entry by mail is limited for one entry
  10. If you have code via store purchase, it is only permitted for one entry.
  11. This survey is not eligible for the employees of AutoZone and their family members. They are not allowed to take part in the AutoZonecares.
  12. The last and the most important one is, that you are willing to give your feedback, and share your honest experience at AutoZone stores

AutoZonecares Online Survey Restrictions

Before you get started with the survey, make sure you know the restrictions and prohibitions. Here they are:

  • One person is only permitted for one entry, regardless of the method chosen.
  • This survey is available for everyone (US, Columbia, Puerto Rico citizens, exclude Hawaii and offshore US Territories) and exclude all the employees, officers and also directors of the company, its subsidiaries and affiliates such as sponsor, distributer, advertising, vendors, agencies, any people engaged in the company development, and other people connected to the company. All the people mentioned previously cannot participate into the survey.
  • There is no tolerance for cheating and or fraud. If you are proven doing that, it can be considered as criminal.
  • Any prohibition and restriction by the law.
  • If you are the winner of AutoZonecares survey, you are not allowed to transfer the prize to anyone.
  •  To finish the survey well and win the prize, make sure you obey all the rules of AutoZonecares online survey.

AutoZonecares Online Survey Instructions

Here are step by step you must follow to participate in the online survey and win the prize:

  1. Open your web browser and visit www.AutoZonecares.com
  2. Select the country that you visited. Make sure the data is right.
  3. If you shopped in USA, or Puerto Rico, select the first option.
  4. Choose the language that you prefer. There are two languages available, English and Spanish.
  5. There will be the instruction explained before you get started the survey, read the instruction carefully before you move forward.
  6. Then, click/tap on the “Continue” button
  7. Make sure that you have prepared your AutoZone receipt on your last visit. There is an entry code and other information needed.
  8. In the printed receipt, there is a 17 digit reference number, located on the bottom on the receipt, enter the code on the box provided.
  9. Then, click/tap on the “Continue” button
  10. Now, you can start your online survey at AutoZonecares. Make sure you provide any required information well, and answer all the survey questions honestly. In the end, you need to rate your overall experience shopping at AutoZone.
  11. Before you click finish, make sure that you do not skip any questions given.
  12. For the lucky draw, you will be asked to enter your persona info.
  13. Before submitting your feedback, make sure you double check just to ensure yourself.
  14. After submitting all the data and answer, in the end of the survey, you will receive an entry on a sweepstakes, and you have chance to get cash prize.

Bottom Line

Giving your humble opinion and suggestion about your own experience shopped at AutoZone outlets will be something very crucial for the company.

By enrolling to the survey, you give information about customers satisfaction to the company which then become a source for the company to decide next step and strategy.

As the reward to appreciate you, a special cash will be given. The survey will not take long time, it is only about 10 to 15 minutes, even can be finished on only 5 minutes.

Make your 5 minutes into more valuable, and you can fill it by participating into this survey

If you need more information about AutoZone and AutoZonecares, do not be hesitate to call dial at 1-800-598-8943 via your mobile.

You also can keep in touch with the company via mail. To do it, firstly handprint or type your first name, last name, complete address, city, state, zip code, telephone number (including area code), date of birth and email address on a plain 3” x 5” card and mail it to: “AutoZone 2019-2020 Sweepstakes”, PO Box 10879, Rochester, New York 14610.

TellCaribou Online Survey at Tellcaribou.com


Tellcaribou – Coffee shop is very common and popular worldwide. Coffee, as one of the most favorable drink has billion fans worldwide across gender and age.

It becomes a great business opportunity for some people, by founding a coffee shop specially serving coffee and other food and beverages related to it.

You are also very familiar with Caribou Coffee. It is one of the most popular coffee in the country, which serves coffee in bartender style.

Firstly founded in Minnesota in 1992, today the coffeehouse chain has more than 600 locations spread worldwide.

For many people all around the world, spending time in coffeehouse while enjoying coffee and desert now becomes a life style.

People meet their business client, relatives, partners, family and even loved ones in the coffeehouse. Caribou is a great place to visit with great menu served.

Realizing that they have huge number of customers spread worldwide, the company make an online survey to collect and record information about their customers’ experience.

The result of online survey becomes the great source for the company to beat the odds, and improve their quality and service.

You can express your comments and suggestions to the company, and help the company improve their performance.

A Glance About Caribou Coffee


Founded by John Puckett in 1992 in Minnesota, today Caribou Coffee has more than 600 locations worldwide, and become one of the most popular coffeehouse chain after Starbucks.

You can find Caribou in almost any country from Europe to Asia. They offer several interesting menu from hot beverages to many kinds of coffee like espresso coffee. You can also find tea and chocolate drink there.

Why Caribou is very popular? The company claim that they only harvesting good quality coffee, the finest one to make their products.

Then, they take care the beans and craft it into a delicious coffee. They also really regards to nature and greenery, and only offering good quality products for their customer’s satisfaction.

Any other information about Caribous Coffee is available in their official website.

You can get several information about the menu options, news, customer service options, and more.

Even, the company always announce their newest product in the website. If you want to be up to date on the current menu and event hold by the company, better to stay connected with them via social media like Instagram, twitter and facebook, or subscribe their youtube channel.

One of a very interesting thing about Caribou Coffee is that you can share your recent experience with your family.

You can invite your family to order online, then they can easily learn about the product, and choose which one is the best option for them. It helps your family to get what they really want.

Also, there is a personalized service provided by Caribou Coffee. The company offers personalized service online.

Just create your own personal account, there are some benefits you can take. In your account, there are much information about your order, then you also can register the gift cards. Just manage your account as needed.

The create the account online is very easy, you can download Caribou Coffee app via android or iOS.

TellCaribou Online Survey

TellCaribou Online Survey

Do you love visiting Caribou Coffee? Or do you have something to say about Caribou coffee? Of course you can express all by participating an online survey conducted by the company.

Today, you do not need to express your experience on a physical survey, just use an internet connection and your device, do it anywhere. It will be very interesting to join.

Caribou coffee has online survey to record their customer’s satisfaction rate. It is a very good opportunity for million customers to connect with the company, share their recent experience, and tell their future expectations.

The company realizes that a happy customer is very important asset for them, a happy customer will come and come again in the later, making the company more popular time by time.

For this need, the company built TellCaribou online survey which helps them gaining information about customers’ recent information visiting Caribou Coffee.

In return, you have the opportunity to win the redeemable validation code in the end of the survey.

After completing the survey, there will be a validation code, then redeem it into a free menu in Caribou Coffee location near you.

To complete the entire survey, it only take a few moment. Just spend your spare time in your lunch or after dinner to finish the survey.

Your effort to finish the survey is very valuable for the company in improving their quality and service.

The survey itself is hosted by hosted by Service Management Group, a service used by many companies to conduct survey for customer’s satisfaction.

Any changes conducted by the company is the result of the survey and observation.

The reward will be vary, from a gift, free menu, even an entry to a lottery. It is the surprise in the end of the survey.

Just do the survey well first. Down below we explain more about tellcaribou online survey.

There are several requirements to fulfil, how to do this, the rules and how to participate. Get the more information down below.

To start the survey option, you will need to enter a few items from your most recent copy of your receipt.

You will have a 14 digit code to enter on line along with the time of your purchase. This will allow you to continue with the survey and answer the questions.

TellCaribou Survey Rules

If you want to participate in the tellcaribou survey, here are the following rules you must know.

  • You must be nationals of the United States of America, United Kingdom, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Every citizen of the country mentioned are eligible to take part in the survey.
  • You must have a receipt of the recent visit in Caribou Coffee locations. It is important to enter the survey.
  • You must be at least 18 years old. If you are less than 18 years old, you are not eligible to participate the survey.
  • You must be able to read and write in English or Spanish. The survey use those languages. Just choose one you comfortable with.
  • The receipt of your recent visit to Caribou Coffee is valid within 7 days. It is reflected on the receipt that you use to enter the survey.
  • Every employee of Caribou Coffee, their family, Caribou Coffee sponsors, their subsidiaries are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  • The redeemable code is not allowed to transmit to anyone.
  • Only one person per offer which is redeemable per visit to the location of Caribou Coffee.
  • The validation code is only effective for 30 days, unless it is considered expired and cannot be used.

TellCaribou Survey Requirements

To participate in the survey, here are several requirements to fulfill:

  • You must have a device which can be connected into internet. It can be laptop, tablet, smartphone or computer.
  • You must have good internet connection so that you can visit the website tellcaribou without any problems.
  • You must be able to write and read in English or Spanish.
  • One of a very basic thing to participate in the survey is the recent receipt. There is an entry code in the receipt you must enter before starting the survey. It is also the proof that you visited nearest Caribous Locations.
  • You must be honest when answering questions in the survey. You must express complaints, suggestions, compliments and comments all based on you what you feel and what you experienced.
  • You must fill basic information such as phone number, email address and name. Make sure you have an email.
  • You must use the browser that enable reading javascript, so you can do the survey accordingly.

TellCaribou Survey Questions

To get the validation code of reward, you need to finish several questions given.

Here are the following topics/questions which are usually given by tellcaribou online survey:

  • The quality of services, including how the staffs treat you, their neatness, and more.
  • Your satisfaction in visiting Caribou Coffee, both on past and recent visit of Caribou Coffee chain.
  • Quality of service delivery. It is about how the staffs treat you, their behavior, the attendance, how the staff take your order, and how long did it took.
  • The atmosphere in the Caribou Coffee location. It is about the hygiene of the place, whether you were comfortable or not, and any problems encountered on your recent visit.

TellCaribou Survey Restrictions

There are also some restrictions of tellcaribou survey, make sure you know it:

  1. The rewards cannot be transmit from the owner to another one.
  2. The survey gets null when it prohibits law
  3. Honesty is the principle of the company, it is also encouraged to the staff and the customers. You must be honest to fulfil the survey, then cheating is a restriction.
  4. You cannot participate the survey on behalf of other people, it must be your own personal experience.

How to participate in TellCaribou Survey

TellCaribou Survey

To participate in the tellcaribou survey is pretty easy, here are the steps:

  1. Visit the official website of tellcaribou (www.tellcaribou.com) from your device. You must answer several questions, then, the survey ends up with the redeemable validation code as the reward. Make sure that your browser is java enabled.
  2. There will be a welcoming message. Read the instruction carefully.
  3. Enter several information needed such as location code, 14-digit entry code and date of visit. It is all printed on the receipt.
  4. Then, click start to begin the survey.
  5. The first question is about recent experience, you must rate it ranging from satisfied to highly dissatisfied. Then, followed by the speed and accuracy of order. After that, you are asked to rate the outlook of the chain, cleanliness and staffs behavior. You also must point any problems encountered.
  6. Answer the entire questions honestly, based on your own personal experience.
  7. After you finish the survey, there will be a validation code which is redeemable for 30 days. Note the code then you deserve for a prize from a free menu,  entered in a sweepstake, or any surprise gift.

Bottom Line

It is very interesting to participate in the survey. You will get any surprise gift which is redeemable into free menu, or discount for the products.

The company also will get feedback from the customer for the shake of their improvement in service and customer satisfaction.

It will be a very good opportunity for you to help the company growth, and express your future expectations.

However, to do the survey, at least you have visited Caribou Coffee outlet near you and purchase at least a menu.

To finish all the questions the company ask for is only take about 15 minutes average.

Even, some people can finish it in less than 10 minutes. Just take your time to finish it, it will not be long.

Also, the survey is anonymous, so you do not be worry because it is secure and no one can access.

Security is very crucial for the company, so they will keep it very well. there is a security method the company has to guard their data and customers’ data.

Also, you can do the survey multiply. It means that there is not limit about how much you can do the survey.

You are possible to participate in the same survey later, after your recent visit. After you click your finish page, then you can access your resume later.

Participating on the tellcaribou online survey is a very best way to save money purchasing Caribou Coffee.

You have the opportunity to get free menu, discount and other gift card. You can use it in the next visit, and get your favorite menu.

Make sure that the validation code is not expired. Use the validation code before 30 days, unless it becomes useless.

To redeem the validation code, simply show it to the staff on your next visit, as simple as that.