15 Most Dangerous Animals in The World RANKED

The fact that size does not always matter can also be seen when looking at the most dangerous animal species in the world: Bet you can’t guess which animal will end up in first place?

The ranking is based on which animal species is responsible for the death of most people in the year. Creepy!

15. Shark

Most Dangerous Animals

No, the shark is not the most dangerous animal, even if this predator immediately springs to mind.

A statistic that will probably be difficult to believe for many who have watched the movie Jaws. And yet it is true.

Despite the danger posed by this marine predator, the largest shark of all time is even dying out.

With only six fatalities per year, the shark is last on this list. Despite the many stories that are around, the shark only takes six lives a year on average. They are sometimes and often more dangerous to their fellow species!

14. Wolf

Dangerous Animals

The wolf attacks very rarely and it appears that the attacks mainly happen in India.

He’s an almost mythical creature that appears in many stories, and yet the wolf doesn’t even make it into the top 10.

Every year the wolf kills about ten people. Wolves are responsible for around ten deaths each year.

While many attacks have occurred in Belarus and Ukraine in recent years, the most deadly attacks have occurred in India.

13. Lion

Most Dangerous Animals in The World

The king of the jungle roars louder as he kills people. The deaths caused by lions are mainly recorded in Tanzania.

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However, it needs worldwide data for a more accurate result. He has 22 human trophies per year on his hunting list.

It should be noted, however, that in 2018, three poachers attempting to attack rhinos were devoured by lions.

Overall, humans pose a greater threat to the wildcat than the other way around.

And yet you shouldn’t go to a lion enclosure in the zoo as a visitor, because that could end fatally.

12. Elephant

Most dangerous animal in the world

The elephant causes 500 deaths a year. From here on, the number of human deaths increases enormously. The pachyderm records 500 human deaths each year.

Even if it is not as harmless as it might seem, the elephant is much more likely to fall victim to humans.

The pachyderm causes 500 deaths a year. These usually happen in devastating situations.

But humans are not innocent and far more dangerous for the elephant: Between 20,000 and 30,000 elephants are killed by poachers every year.

11. Hippopotamus

deadliest animals

Despite their clumsy appearance, hippos can get very aggressive, especially mothers with young animals.

The hippopotamus should not be underestimated. Better forget the impressions from Disney’s.

The hippo is actually not a peaceful and fun animal. We advise you not to cross your path with the terrifying hippopotamus!

10. Tapeworm

Super dangerous animals

The tapeworm is an unpleasant parasite that causes the cysticercosis infection.

Surprise! You certainly didn’t expect that. But the tapeworm claims more victims than a hippopotamus.

This parasite develops in the human small intestine and claims around 700 victims every year.

Tapeworms can even affect the brain and that can be quite dangerous, as this case shows.

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9. Crocodile

What is the most dangerous animal in the world

The crocodile causes most of the human deaths in Africa. There is no need to say twice that this animal is dangerous. Just its appearance makes you look for the distance.

Crocodiles cause around 1,000 deaths each year. It is a feared opponent, and rightly so, and many other animals are also at risk. Better to run away if you meet him unexpectedly.

Did you also know that there are even orange crocodiles? These are very special and so far have only been found in one place …

8. Roundworm


The roundworm takes 4,500 lives every year. The danger posed by this worm is that it causes an infection of the small intestine. Every year 4,500 people succumb to this pollution.

7. Tsetse fly

Tsetse fly

The tsetse fly kills 10,000 people every year. Even if it still claims many victims, fortunately the deaths it has caused are on the decline.

The tsetse fly feeds on blood and that both on humans and animals. In doing so, it becomes a carrier of deadly diseases.

The well-known insect is responsible for sleeping sickness and kills 10,000 people every year.

6. Triatominae


The Triatominae belong to the family of predatory bugs.
This mini beetle transmits Chagas disease and causes 12,000 deaths each year.

5. Snail


Incredible but true: a snail that kills!The freshwater snail causes a particularly high number of deaths, even if its body has no arms.

It is responsible for more than 20,000 deaths each year. Once again, a parasite is to blame. The freshwater snail transmits a parasite that is fatal for humans.

4. Dog


In addition to being man’s best friend, the dog is also quite dangerous. Dogs cause 35,000 human deaths each year.

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Even if that sounds surprising, in certain situations people have to be particularly careful.

Hard to believe with this sweet, innocent look. The reason, however, can be explained: the majority of deaths can be traced back to dogs infected with rabies.

Dog owners should therefore be sure to know the legislation in their area, because dogs must be on a leash in rabies areas!

3. Snake


The snake is and remains a very dangerous animal for humans and animals. Often the antidote to cure his victims of their deadly poison is lacking.

Therefore, in most cases, their bite will kill. But their choking power can also cost their victims their lives.

Here we have no doubt that this animal is dangerous. Just his look and his tongue are already scary!

Nobody will be really surprised here that this reptile claims many lives. There are around 100,000 people a year.

2. Human


Humans are the deadliest mammal in the world. That’s right, really nothing to be proud of … On average, humans are responsible for the deaths of 437,000 other people each year.

1. Mosquito


The most dangerous animal in the world is the mosquito! This little animal occupies this “place of honor”: annoying and deadly, it costs 750,000 people their lives every year.

As a vector of malaria, it kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. This unbearable insect with its annoying noise is one of the worst plagues on our planet. His weapon of mass destruction? The mosquito transmits mala fever.


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