Greatest Thefts of Inventions in The World

Behind the most revolutionary and most profitable inventions of the last centuries there are some of the greatest thefts of inventions of all time.

The Phone

Greatest Thefts of Inventions in The World

is it really from Alexander Graham Bell? Perhaps you also consider Alexander Graham Bell to be the inventor of the telephone.

However, we are dealing here with an invention theft. In 1860, 16 years before his patent application, Antonio Meucci presented the Telettrofrono to the Western Union Telegraph Company, but without success.

It is believed that Bell caught a glimpse of this prototype and filed his patent for the phone in 1876.

With this, Meucci lost the right to his own invention for lack of money. The Italian is suing Graham Bell, but dies before a judgment can be made.


Greatest Thefts of Inventions

Was It Really Invented by Thomas Edison? Even though he developed the first light bulb and the first power plants, Thomas Edison is not the true inventor of electricity.

He was largely inspired by the work of his young friend Nikola Tesla and applies for the patent before he has a chance. Tesla is forgotten and Edison boasts of its invention.

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Thomas Edison, the master of all invention thieves

Thomas Edison

Over the years, Edison has become a master of inventions theft. He stole the idea of ​​the light bulb from Humphry Davy, the electric chair from Harold P. Brown, the camera from William Dickson, the negative on wax paper from Gustave Le Gray and the record player from Édouard-Léon Scott from Martinville.

He collected the work of his employees at the Edison General Electric Company and applied for the patent for their inventions without naming them.


Elizabeth Magie Monopoly Game

Was it really invented by Charles Darrow? In 1935 Charles Darrow registered the patent for Monopoly, while the game was developed by Elizabeth Magie.

The feminist had already invented a game called The Landlord’s Game in 1903 to inform young people about the dangers of monopolies and property owners.

The sewing machine

The sewing machine

Does it really come from Elias Howe? The sewing machine was patented by Elias Howe in 1846, although the Singer company also made a claim.

However, the invention actually came from a third party, namely Walter Hunt, who invented the sewing machine in 1834, but did not dare to apply for the patent due to fear of a wave of layoffs. Some people are just too good for this world.

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Did Edison and Tesla really develop this technology? Edison and Tesla (yes, again) did a lot of work with X-rays.

However, as the name suggests, the actual invention of the technology came from the German Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. In 1901 he was awarded the very first Nobel Prize in Physics.

Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s

Who distilled the famous whiskey first? The name of the famous distillery has been on the barrels and bottles of this whiskey since 1866.

However, the recipe that many people still enjoy today comes from a slave named Nathan “Nearest” Green.

The Radio

The Radio

Guglielmo Marconi used Tesla’s patent for the first radio broadcast, which Tesla had previously been unable to do because of a fire in its laboratory.

The patent was withdrawn in favor of Nikola Tesla in 1943, but by then it was too late.


Facebook founder

Who, if not Mark Zuckerberg, invented Facebook? What? Facebook wasn’t invented by Mark Zuckerberg?

No. Or at least not from him alone. He developed the very first version with three fellow students from Havard.

In 2004 he introduced Facebook without informing the other three. They went to court and received at least part of what was due to them.

David Fincher filmed the story in 2010 in his film The Social Network.

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Christopher Columbus

Who discovered it now? Not an invention in that sense, but rather a discovery.

Christopher Columbus did not discover America, that was a lie: apart from the locals, who lived peacefully on the continent even before his arrival, Columbus set foot on American soil for the first time in 1496 and was certainly not the first.

While there are doubts that the Carthaginians actually got there during the Punic Wars, it is clear that the Viking Leif Erikson and his men colonized North America as early as the year 1000.

The plane and the first flight

The plane and the first flight

Was it really the Wright brothers who took to the skies for the first time?

One often hears the story of the Wright brothers embarking on the first motorized flight in North Carolina in 1903.

But a few months earlier the New Zealander Richard Pearse had already flown several hundred meters with his machine, which incidentally looks much more similar to today’s models than the Wright prototype.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk

Michael Jackson's Moonwalk

Isn’t It His Invention? This dance step became the trademark of the King of Pop. However, MJ wasn’t the first to perform this move.

Because James Brown and Bill Bailey demonstrated it to him in the Apollo Theater in New York in 1955.

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