US Presidents with The Highest IQ

Some American presidents were (or still are) gifted with fairly high IQs. You can find out who these masterminds are from us.

13. Abraham Lincoln, with an IQ of 150

us presidents abraham lincoln

The 16th President of the USA (1861-1865) was killed on April 15, 1865 and was considered one of the most intelligent people of his time. And that is just the beginning.

12. Franklin D. Roosevelt with an IQ of 150.5

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The 32nd President of the USA (1933-1945) was most likely able to maneuver the USA out of the economic crisis with his New Deal policy, not least because of his high IQ.

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11. Chester Arthur with an IQ of 152.3

Chester Arthur

The 21st President of the USA (1881-1885) pushed through important reformations at a time of serious allegations of corruption against the government.

10. James A. Garfield with an IQ of 152.3

James A. Garfield

The 20th President of the USA (1881) was assassinated the same year he was elected and has the same IQ as his successor Chester Arthur.

9. Theodore Roosevelt, with an IQ of 153

Theodore Roosevelt

The 26th President of the USA (1901-1909), also affectionately known as “Teddy”, was one of the most popular presidents of the country and known for his wise quotes.

8. John Adams with an IQ of 155

John Adams

The 2nd President of the USA (1797-1801) and founding father of the country put an end to the war with England and, by today’s standards, had an above-average IQ.

7. T. Woodrow Wilson with an IQ of 155.2

T. Woodrow Wilson

The 8th President of the USA (1913-1921) is considered one of the best in the country’s history and led it through the First World War with a sure hand.

6. Jimmy Carter with an IQ of 156.8

Jimmy Carter

The 19th President of the USA (1977-1981) had a high IQ and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, but his actions as President were not exactly convincing.

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5. Bill Clinton with an IQ of 159

Bill Clinton

The 42nd President of the USA (1993-2001) received a scholarship to Oxford, where he studied philosophy, politics and economics. He also holds a Yale law degree.

4. John F. Kennedy with 159.8 IQ

John F. Kennedy

The 35th President of the United States (1961-1963) was killed on November 22, 1963 and goes down in history as the youngest president. A brilliant spirit that everyone loved.

3. James Madison with an IQ of 160

James Madison

The 4th President of the USA (1809-1817) is also one of the founding fathers, to whom the country’s constitution is owed.

2. Thomas Jefferson with an IQ of 160

Thomas Jefferson

The 3rd President of the USA (1801-1809) was in no way inferior to his friend Madison in terms of IQ. He himself goes down in history as one of the best presidents in the country.

1. John Quincy Adams with an IQ of 175

US Presidents with The Highest IQ

6th President of the United States (1825-1829) and lawyer. At the beginning of the 19th century, with an IQ of 175, he was more intelligent than 99.999943 percent of the world population at the time.

Barack Obama, IQ unknown

Barack Obama

The IQ of the 44th President of the USA (2009-2017) is unknown, but the fact that he was a constitutional lawyer before he was elected president inevitably makes him a man of intelligence.

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Donald Trump, IQ unknown

Donald Trump

The 45th President of the USA (2017-2021) has often boasted of his impressive IQ. Now that he’s no longer President of the United States, we may get proof of that.

Joe Biden, IQ unknown

Joe Biden

The IQ of the current and 46th President of the USA (2021 -) is not known, but North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un is said to have described him as a “person with a low IQ” to Donald Trump.


There are US Presidents with The Highest IQ until now.

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