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Tellcaribou – Coffee shop is very common and popular worldwide. Coffee, as one of the most favorable drink has billion fans worldwide across gender and age.

It becomes a great business opportunity for some people, by founding a coffee shop specially serving coffee and other food and beverages related to it.

You are also very familiar with Caribou Coffee. It is one of the most popular coffee in the country, which serves coffee in bartender style.

Firstly founded in Minnesota in 1992, today the coffeehouse chain has more than 600 locations spread worldwide.

For many people all around the world, spending time in coffeehouse while enjoying coffee and desert now becomes a life style.

People meet their business client, relatives, partners, family and even loved ones in the coffeehouse. Caribou is a great place to visit with great menu served.

Realizing that they have huge number of customers spread worldwide, the company make an online survey to collect and record information about their customers’ experience.

The result of online survey becomes the great source for the company to beat the odds, and improve their quality and service.

You can express your comments and suggestions to the company, and help the company improve their performance.

A Glance About Caribou Coffee


Founded by John Puckett in 1992 in Minnesota, today Caribou Coffee has more than 600 locations worldwide, and become one of the most popular coffeehouse chain after Starbucks.

You can find Caribou in almost any country from Europe to Asia. They offer several interesting menu from hot beverages to many kinds of coffee like espresso coffee. You can also find tea and chocolate drink there.

Why Caribou is very popular? The company claim that they only harvesting good quality coffee, the finest one to make their products.

Then, they take care the beans and craft it into a delicious coffee. They also really regards to nature and greenery, and only offering good quality products for their customer’s satisfaction.

Any other information about Caribous Coffee is available in their official website.

You can get several information about the menu options, news, customer service options, and more.

Even, the company always announce their newest product in the website. If you want to be up to date on the current menu and event hold by the company, better to stay connected with them via social media like Instagram, twitter and facebook, or subscribe their youtube channel.

One of a very interesting thing about Caribou Coffee is that you can share your recent experience with your family.

You can invite your family to order online, then they can easily learn about the product, and choose which one is the best option for them. It helps your family to get what they really want.

Also, there is a personalized service provided by Caribou Coffee. The company offers personalized service online.

Just create your own personal account, there are some benefits you can take. In your account, there are much information about your order, then you also can register the gift cards. Just manage your account as needed.

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The create the account online is very easy, you can download Caribou Coffee app via android or iOS.

TellCaribou Online Survey

TellCaribou Online Survey

Do you love visiting Caribou Coffee? Or do you have something to say about Caribou coffee? Of course you can express all by participating an online survey conducted by the company.

Today, you do not need to express your experience on a physical survey, just use an internet connection and your device, do it anywhere. It will be very interesting to join.

Caribou coffee has online survey to record their customer’s satisfaction rate. It is a very good opportunity for million customers to connect with the company, share their recent experience, and tell their future expectations.

The company realizes that a happy customer is very important asset for them, a happy customer will come and come again in the later, making the company more popular time by time.

For this need, the company built TellCaribou online survey which helps them gaining information about customers’ recent information visiting Caribou Coffee.

In return, you have the opportunity to win the redeemable validation code in the end of the survey.

After completing the survey, there will be a validation code, then redeem it into a free menu in Caribou Coffee location near you.

To complete the entire survey, it only take a few moment. Just spend your spare time in your lunch or after dinner to finish the survey.

Your effort to finish the survey is very valuable for the company in improving their quality and service.

The survey itself is hosted by hosted by Service Management Group, a service used by many companies to conduct survey for customer’s satisfaction.

Any changes conducted by the company is the result of the survey and observation.

The reward will be vary, from a gift, free menu, even an entry to a lottery. It is the surprise in the end of the survey.

Just do the survey well first. Down below we explain more about tellcaribou online survey.

There are several requirements to fulfil, how to do this, the rules and how to participate. Get the more information down below.

To start the survey option, you will need to enter a few items from your most recent copy of your receipt.

You will have a 14 digit code to enter on line along with the time of your purchase. This will allow you to continue with the survey and answer the questions.

TellCaribou Survey Rules

If you want to participate in the tellcaribou survey, here are the following rules you must know.

  • You must be nationals of the United States of America, United Kingdom, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Every citizen of the country mentioned are eligible to take part in the survey.
  • You must have a receipt of the recent visit in Caribou Coffee locations. It is important to enter the survey.
  • You must be at least 18 years old. If you are less than 18 years old, you are not eligible to participate the survey.
  • You must be able to read and write in English or Spanish. The survey use those languages. Just choose one you comfortable with.
  • The receipt of your recent visit to Caribou Coffee is valid within 7 days. It is reflected on the receipt that you use to enter the survey.
  • Every employee of Caribou Coffee, their family, Caribou Coffee sponsors, their subsidiaries are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  • The redeemable code is not allowed to transmit to anyone.
  • Only one person per offer which is redeemable per visit to the location of Caribou Coffee.
  • The validation code is only effective for 30 days, unless it is considered expired and cannot be used.
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TellCaribou Survey Requirements

To participate in the survey, here are several requirements to fulfill:

  • You must have a device which can be connected into internet. It can be laptop, tablet, smartphone or computer.
  • You must have good internet connection so that you can visit the website tellcaribou without any problems.
  • You must be able to write and read in English or Spanish.
  • One of a very basic thing to participate in the survey is the recent receipt. There is an entry code in the receipt you must enter before starting the survey. It is also the proof that you visited nearest Caribous Locations.
  • You must be honest when answering questions in the survey. You must express complaints, suggestions, compliments and comments all based on you what you feel and what you experienced.
  • You must fill basic information such as phone number, email address and name. Make sure you have an email.
  • You must use the browser that enable reading javascript, so you can do the survey accordingly.

TellCaribou Survey Questions

To get the validation code of reward, you need to finish several questions given.

Here are the following topics/questions which are usually given by tellcaribou online survey:

  • The quality of services, including how the staffs treat you, their neatness, and more.
  • Your satisfaction in visiting Caribou Coffee, both on past and recent visit of Caribou Coffee chain.
  • Quality of service delivery. It is about how the staffs treat you, their behavior, the attendance, how the staff take your order, and how long did it took.
  • The atmosphere in the Caribou Coffee location. It is about the hygiene of the place, whether you were comfortable or not, and any problems encountered on your recent visit.

TellCaribou Survey Restrictions

There are also some restrictions of tellcaribou survey, make sure you know it:

  1. The rewards cannot be transmit from the owner to another one.
  2. The survey gets null when it prohibits law
  3. Honesty is the principle of the company, it is also encouraged to the staff and the customers. You must be honest to fulfil the survey, then cheating is a restriction.
  4. You cannot participate the survey on behalf of other people, it must be your own personal experience.
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How to participate in TellCaribou Survey

TellCaribou Survey

To participate in the tellcaribou survey is pretty easy, here are the steps:

  1. Visit the official website of tellcaribou ( from your device. You must answer several questions, then, the survey ends up with the redeemable validation code as the reward. Make sure that your browser is java enabled.
  2. There will be a welcoming message. Read the instruction carefully.
  3. Enter several information needed such as location code, 14-digit entry code and date of visit. It is all printed on the receipt.
  4. Then, click start to begin the survey.
  5. The first question is about recent experience, you must rate it ranging from satisfied to highly dissatisfied. Then, followed by the speed and accuracy of order. After that, you are asked to rate the outlook of the chain, cleanliness and staffs behavior. You also must point any problems encountered.
  6. Answer the entire questions honestly, based on your own personal experience.
  7. After you finish the survey, there will be a validation code which is redeemable for 30 days. Note the code then you deserve for a prize from a free menu,  entered in a sweepstake, or any surprise gift.

Bottom Line

It is very interesting to participate in the survey. You will get any surprise gift which is redeemable into free menu, or discount for the products.

The company also will get feedback from the customer for the shake of their improvement in service and customer satisfaction.

It will be a very good opportunity for you to help the company growth, and express your future expectations.

However, to do the survey, at least you have visited Caribou Coffee outlet near you and purchase at least a menu.

To finish all the questions the company ask for is only take about 15 minutes average.

Even, some people can finish it in less than 10 minutes. Just take your time to finish it, it will not be long.

Also, the survey is anonymous, so you do not be worry because it is secure and no one can access.

Security is very crucial for the company, so they will keep it very well. there is a security method the company has to guard their data and customers’ data.

Also, you can do the survey multiply. It means that there is not limit about how much you can do the survey.

You are possible to participate in the same survey later, after your recent visit. After you click your finish page, then you can access your resume later.

Participating on the tellcaribou online survey is a very best way to save money purchasing Caribou Coffee.

You have the opportunity to get free menu, discount and other gift card. You can use it in the next visit, and get your favorite menu.

Make sure that the validation code is not expired. Use the validation code before 30 days, unless it becomes useless.

To redeem the validation code, simply show it to the staff on your next visit, as simple as that.

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