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Talktowendys – As one of the biggest American fast food restaurant in America, Wendys is really care to their customer.

Wendys is not only in America, now it is spread internationally. Located in many countries, spread in America, Europe, Australia and Asia, Wendys has been very popular, especially for their hamburger menu which is fresh and delicious.

Wendys and all people behind the company are really serious in withstand and offering the quality as their identity.

They even claim that the company is the only one fast food chain that never use frozen beef for their menus, such as hamburgers.

It is less common happen in food industry, but Wendys can proof it by giving best fresh hamburger ever to their lovely customers.

Not only hamburger, Wendys also offers wide range of traditional fast food menus which are popular in America and other countries worldwide.

You have wide range of selection, depending on your taste. Because they realize that fast food industry today is very competitive, they want to serve best to their customer.

The company wants to ensure that everything run well and the customers are happy and satisfy.

That’s why, talktowendys and wendys Wants to Know is developed to record all the feedbacks from their million customers worldwide.

By conducting the survey, the company hopes that they can improve everything lack, and maintain everything good to participate in the survey, you need to visit, or simply write down on google, talktowendys.

This keyword is very familiar in search engine, as they have been million participants of the survey that has giving positive feedback for the company.

About Wendys


Right here, before we talk about wendy survey (talktowendys), we are going to talk about a glance about the company.

Wendy’s is an American fast food restaurant chain that has been international spread in many countries.

Founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, the company becomes one of the largest international fast food restaurant chain after McDonalds and KFC.

There are at least 6,200 locations spread in worldwide. With this big number of locations and million customers, the next level service must be given to make customers happy and satisfy.

Wendy is popular for the square hamburgers, a signature frosty, their delicious soft-serve ice cream that is mixed with frozen starches. Another popular menu such as sea salt fries is also very unforgettable.

However, their primarily meny such as chicken sandwiches, French fries, and hamburgers are still their best seller product that are also become signature menu.

The company claim that they never use frozen beef, so that you can feel the different of their hamburger with others, it is fresher and more delicious.

TalktoWendys Survey

TalktoWendys Survey

In the age before digital, restaurant management conducted survey and recorded feedback from their customers physically.

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When it is only several locations, managing all the feedback and suggestion is not a problem.

Today, when the locations has been hundred and serving million customers, it is impossible to record all the customers feedback physically.

In this digital age, the company can easily handle and record suggestions and reviews from their customers without using paper, and read manually.

Simpy by using world wide web which is connected to the internet, million customers worldwide can participate into the survey and express what they want to say about Wendys.

Of course, it becomes something very helpful for the company, and all people behind it, what you say will be a great resource to improve the company performance, especially in the area of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is very important for the industry. A happy customer will come and come again to enjoy food, or simply for spending time in the restaurant.

There are numbers of important aspects which relates to customer satisfaction, including how the food is, how the staffs treat you, how the atmosphere of the restaurants is, how the price is, and more.

Those factors are what Wendys always concentrate on, and always do evaluation regularly to improve customer satisfaction.

Therefore, wendys wants to hear everything you want to say, as far as it is positive feedback for their goodness and improvement.

The survey, through talktowendys, is conducted due to their need of getting information about realtime situation in every locations of restaurant, and what their customer feel at the same time.

Requirements to Participate Talktowendys

Requirements to Participate Talktowendys

If you want to participate in the survey by talktowendys, there are several rule you must obey.

Simply, it is also known as requirement which makes you able to access the survey, here they are:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old or more. If you are less than 18 years old, automatically you cannot pass the survey.
  2. You must enter 8-digit unique code before conducting the survey. It is printed on the receipt you get after purchasing wendys menu. The code is used to access the survey in, make sure you do purchase. One unique code is only valid for one survey.
  3. The receipt itself is only valid only 7 days after visit.
  4. All legal residents of Americal are eligible to participate in the survey.
  5. You must be able to read and write in English, Spanish or French. Choose the language you comfortable with.
  6. You must have internet connection, and devices (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet) that can be connected into internet.
  7. In the end of the survey, you will get the coupon code. Notice that the coupon can be used only within 2 weeks after conducting the survey. This coupon is redeemable to wendys chicken, sandwich, or more. After 2 weeks, the coupon cannot be used.
  8. You can only use 1 coupon within 1 month. Remember that if you have used it once, you must at least wait for 30 days to use different coupon in talktowendys survey.
  9. The coupon also can be used only once, and it is only redeemable into wendys menu, and cannot be converted into cash or any kinds of electronic money.
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TalktoWendys Term and Condition

By participating talktowendys survey, you are agree to receive notifications and email related to the programs, including message about earning rewards, getting started, rewards expiration, redeeming rewards, and more.

There are also might be other programs from Wendys as member reward offer.

Remember that members cannot unsubscribe from the email and or notifications, unless the membership is aborted.

For cancelation of their membership, member can contact wendys service center at (888) 624-8140.

TalktoWendys Rewards

Your feedback, suggestions and review are very helpful for the company. In return, you deserve for rewards after participating the survey.

Here are several things you can get after finishing the survey:

  • Free food, especially in the form of coupons.
  • Discount, especially for new product
  • Gift card balance
  • Point of sweepstakes

Remember that the code you get in the end of survey is only valid for 2 weeks, so make sure you use it before it is expired.

Talktowendys Survey Guide

Talktowendys Survey Guide

Basically, it is pretty easy to conduct talktowendys survey. Here are the steps:

  1. Just prepare all the things explained previously. Then, once you’re ready, head over to
  2. Enter the restaurant number, date and time of visit, as provided in the box.
  3. Select the language. There are three languages provided, English, Spanish and French. Choose language that you are comfortable with.
  4. Then, you must enter 8-digit unique code on your printed receipt. Remember that the code is only valid within 7 days after visit, and only can be used once. Each code is only valid for only once entry.
  5. After entering the survey, now you are ready to answer all the questions given.

Here are the following topics and questions you must answer:

  • Rate overall satisfaction on 5 point scale.
  • Type of visit in Wendys
  • Rate food aspects including quality and quantity of foods. It also relates to the service quality at the restaurant.
  • Rate the overall quality of food and cleanliness on a 5 point scale.
  • Rate the value for money
  • You must answer whether you like visiting Wendys or not, and whether you want to recommend it to someone else.
  • Rate the staffs, how they treat you, their cleanliness.
  • What primary menu did you order at Wendys

After completing the survey, you will get 5 digit validation code. Then, simply write the code on the recent receipt that you use to enter the survey.

The validation code is redeemable into wendys menu, discount, or other interesting rewards.

Talktowendys Survey Tips

Talktowendys Survey Tips

In order to get succeed in talktowendys survey, here are few simple tips you need to follow:

  1. To get the receipt with code, there is no minimum transaction. Even a single purchase is eligible to get the code. You can buy the cheapest menu from Wendys such as French fries or drinks.
  2. Answer all the question honestly. Your honest answer is a great resource for the company.
  3. If you want to redeem the coupon code, you must visit the restaurant. Then, do not forget to share your opinion about the survey.
  4. If you have problem, do not hesitate to contact wendys on their official site or at their service center at (888) 624-8140.
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Wendy’s Coupon Code Rules

Your online survey ends up by receiving a validation code which is redeemable into several interesting rewards, such as wendy’s popular menu.

Here are the way how to redeem wendy’s coupon code to follow:

  1. To redeem the coupon code, you need to visit any participating wendy’s restaurant.
  2. The code is only valid within 30 days of initial purchase.
  3. After verification, you deserve to get the rewards. It might be free chicken sandwich, or anything else.
  4. The code is only valid for 1 person.
  5. You do not need to make any fresh purchase to redeem the code.
  6. If you need more information about this program, simply visit nearest participating restaurant, or contact wendys at their service center.
  7. You cannot convert the code into cash.

Talktowendys Survey VS Wendy’s Complaint

Talktowendys Survey and complaint

Talktowendys is not the only one way you can conduct to express your suggestion and giving your feedback to the company.

There is also Wendy’s complaint, you can make a review and express your dining experience at Wendys.

Simply write down your valuable feedback on wendys official website. However, between talktowendys and wendy’s complaint is different program, with the same purpose.

To motivate people participating the survey, the company gives rewards for the participants such as free hamburgers or free chicken sandwich.

That’s why, you must need follow the guidelines. If you enter the complaint and feedback to the website, there is no rewards for you, but the step is just simpler.

Talktowendys ot wendyswantstoknow only provide close-ended questions. It is a kind of questionnaires.

You only need to select one from the multiple choice. Meanwhile, wendy’s comment is a kind of open question, that’s why it is very different.

You can give comment and write everything that you want to say.


Wendys has served million customers since 1969. They have very huge experience about managing restaurant, and how to improve customers satisfaction.

For the giant international fast food restaurant like Wendy, gaining much real time information from customers is very valuable.

Online survey is the effective and efficient way to record it from their million customers.

For this reason, your feedback is very valuable for the company improvement.

The survey is made to know what customers want, improve service and quality to then improve customer satisfaction.

Enjoy a delicious spicy chicken sandwich or their fresh hamburger for free after finishing the survey.

Those are most popular and best selling menus on wendys. Just spend few minutes of yours, 15 minutes and even more, to take part in this survey, and you deserve for an interesting prize.

You can do the survey in your spare time. Hope you enjoy this talktowendys guidelines, good luck.

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  1. The stores don’t pick up their phone so why have a # on top of the receipt? I had a 5 frosty coupon book and the lady at the drive through took it to cut out one coupon and never returned my booklet with the other 4 so I tried calling over and over at the # of that store and no one would pick up!!!


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