US Presidents with The Highest IQ

John F. Kennedy

Some American presidents were (or still are) gifted with fairly high IQs. You can find out who these masterminds are from us. 13. Abraham Lincoln, with an IQ of 150 The 16th President of the USA (1861-1865) was killed on April 15, 1865 and was considered one of the most intelligent people of his time. … Read more

15 Most Dangerous Volcanoes in The World


Most Dangerous Volcano – For millennia, people have been impressed by both the impressive appearance and unpredictability of the volcanoes. But even if numerous secrets of these partially slumbering giants have already been revealed and the interior of erupting volcanoes is even visible to us through drones, we still fear their unpredictable anger. Here are … Read more

Greatest Thefts of Inventions in The World

Greatest Thefts of Inventions

Behind the most revolutionary and most profitable inventions of the last centuries there are some of the greatest thefts of inventions of all time. The Phone is it really from Alexander Graham Bell? Perhaps you also consider Alexander Graham Bell to be the inventor of the telephone. However, we are dealing here with an invention … Read more

15 Most Populous City in The World 2021

top populous cities

Based on World Population Review data, here are the most populous cities in the world: 15. Calcutta Calcutta in India, population 14,850,066 The capital of the West Bengal state is India’s third largest city after Delhi and Mumbai. Calcutta impresses with its size and population density, but offers very poor living conditions due to air … Read more

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Force Units in The World

top 10 commando forces in the world

The 10 strongest and most dangerous special forces in the world: They are always there on dangerous missions. Every country has special units for particularly dangerous missions. The soldiers are often equipped with high-tech material and are considered excellent fighters who often operate in secret. They use sophisticated techniques and strategies. Here is an overview … Read more HR – Human Resource Portal

Any company firm thrives on suggestions as a basis of success. To attain that, organizations should design higher approaches to enhance the work setting by implementing environment friendly enter assortment methods. On-line surveys and portals are one amongst some ways by which firms set off communication stream between staff and managers. Likewise, firms depend on … Read more

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Phonemic Awareness Activities – Nowadays, we currently face additional difficulties. In early childhood classes today, teachers feel increasing pressure to make their students read. It’s easy to forget the development process as well as try to skip the steps to get our children to read a book as soon as possible. As an early childhood … Read more

Landau Reflex

Landau Reflex

Landau Reflex – As a baby was born, he was gifted with many primitive newborn reflexes that will develop during years of his body’s growth. They occur in any part of the infant’s body since it is still a fetus that lives in the womb until it grows and becomes toddler. When the baby was … Read more