Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Finally Solved

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle – The Bermuda Triangle is a legendary place. But why have so many ships and planes disappeared here? Scientists have now made a guess.

Between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico: The Bermuda Triangle is considered a dangerous corner for all planes and ships that pass here. Numerous people have inexplicably disappeared here for decades.

The solution to the riddle

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Sea monsters, abductions into space or the path to a parallel universe? All hypotheses, even the craziest ideas, were consulted to explain the phenomenon.

But all these fantasies are now a thing of the past, because scientists may have found an answer to the riddle. They investigated the composition of the sea and found that there was a huge 4,000-meter-high mountain under the water.

Surrounded by reefs

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Finally Solved

Surrounded by reefs that are up to 12 meters high, this mountain, which was formed after a volcanic eruption, loosens swirling deep-sea trenches that are up to 8000 meters deep.

“The eddies are obvious, there are tunnels here with a very strong pull,” explains Tom Iliffe, professor of marine biology in a report on Channel 5. This could be the reason why so many people and objects are being swallowed up by the ocean’s surface.

The scientists have also identified another worrying phenomenon in the Bermuda Triangle. Numerous hurricanes, equatorial storms and thunderstorms that come from the coast of Mexico meet here. It is now clear why 75 planes and hundreds of boats have disappeared here in the last few years.

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