Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Force Units in The World

The 10 strongest and most dangerous special forces in the world: They are always there on dangerous missions. Every country has special units for particularly dangerous missions. The soldiers are often equipped with high-tech material and are considered excellent fighters who often operate in secret. They use sophisticated techniques and strategies. Here is an overview of the best special forces in the world.

10. Huntsmen Corps (Denmark)

top 10 most dangerous special forces in the world

The Jægerkorpset, as it is called in Danish, is the special unit of the Danish army. It has existed in its current form since 1961. The unit was already deployed in the Bosnian War and honored for its services in Afghanistan.

Whoever wants to become part of this army has to take part in a rigorous selection process that lasts for several months. Among other things, the test is carried out. the sense of direction of the candidates who must also take part in a combat swimming course as well as a parachute course.

The unit consists of 150 soldiers who z. B. be used in the areas of counter-terrorism, infiltration and sabotage. The motto of the Jægerkorpset is Plus esse, quam simultatur and means something like “More being than appearance”. Members of the corps should not reveal their skills to the outside world, as it can be used more effectively when little is known about them.

9. ROC Forces (Taiwan)

Most dangerous Special forces

The armed forces of the Republic of China play a particularly important role in the Taiwan conflict. Your mission is to defend the Republic of China (i.e. Taiwan), also with regard to possible tensions with the People’s Republic of China.

The army is about 200,000 strong and has over a million reservists. For a long time it was the soldiers’ goal to conquer mainland China until a more defensive strategy was decided in the 1970s. The ROC Forces should be prepared for a possible attack by the Red Army. An estimated 80% of the army is on the main island, the other soldiers are distributed on nearby islands.

8. Shayetet 13 (Israel)

Top 10 Special forces in the world 2021

The Shayetet 13 is part of the Israeli military. This special unit is a combat swimmer unit. Together with the Sajeret Matkal (whose main focus is the fight against terrorism and intelligence-gathering) and the Jechidat Schaldag (the elite unit of the Israeli air force) they belong to the Israeli armed forces.

The unit was founded in 1949 and emerged from the Ha’Chulya (a paramilitary special unit specializing in underwater operations). The soldiers were inter alia. used in the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War and during the Second Intifada.

Its mission includes the defense and reconnaissance of enemy intelligence, but the Shayetet 13 is also used in the fight against terrorism, hostage liberation and rescue operations.

The training is divided into five phases that extend over a total of around 20 months. There the trainees complete, among other things, a jump training, learn the basic elements of elementary warfare and are introduced to the basic knowledge of combat diving (how a diver can orient himself in cloudy water, how he must assess currents, etc.)

7. KSK (German)

top 10 commando forces in the world

The KSK (Special Forces Command) is a special unit of the German military. The training is tough, the Bundeswehr writes on their website:

The KSK is used, for example, when Germans are hostage-taken abroad; it was founded especially as a result of the Kigali hostage-taking in 1995. Furthermore, the KSK plays a major role in the fight against terrorism, in rescue operations, but also in warfare and military advice.

The training lasts a full 30 months and includes, among other things. basic military training, an internship as well as training to become a paratrooper sergeant. Those who prefer to be part of the navy can apply to the SEK M.

6. Commando Marine (France)

Best special forces in the world ranking 2021

The Commando marine is the elite unit of the French Navy. Her areas of responsibility include the liberation of hostages, storm attacks on the open sea, but also piracy and illegal immigration.

Again, there is a strict selection process (it is said to be one of the toughest in the world) that not many survive. Above all, great importance is attached to the fact that the troops are particularly resilient and can adapt to hostile environments without problems. The procedure is open to men and women, but to date no woman has been able to join the ranks of the Commando marine.

The unit was founded in the 1980s and has been the focus of attention especially since their battle against Somali pirates.

5. SSG (Pakistan)

Top ten special forces

The SSG (Special Service Group) is part of the Pakistani Army, which includes Trains tele scouts and whose areas of responsibility include the fight against terrorism and unconventional warfare.

If you want to become part of the SSG, you should, among other things. Be no younger than 25, but no older than 39, commit yourself for at least five years, have very good eyesight and pass a fitness test that looks like this:

  • 40 push-ups in one minute
  • 40 sit-ups in a minute
  • 15 pull-ups
  • Run approximately 2.5 km in 7 minutes and 30 seconds

4. Delta Force (USA)

top 10 special forces in the world

The Delta Force, also called 1st Special Operational Detachment Delta, belongs to the US Army. The forces of this elite unit are tasked with the rescue of hostages and the fight against terrorism.

The unit was launched in 1978; The British special unit SAS acted as a model. Not much is known about the Army Compartmented Element, as it is called in the Pentagon, but that much is certain: The unit is divided into different groups consisting of about four or five men, each with a specialty in which they know their way around particularly well.

Officially, however, nothing is known about how many people belong to the unit (according to estimates it could be around 800 soldiers).

We know from the selection process that members of the army who have already performed outstandingly will be contacted directly by the special unit.

Many of the soldiers come from the ranks of the Rangers or the Green Berets. If a candidate proves to be suitable, he or she has to face a procedure that lasts four weeks, including: includes an orientation cross-country march with 40 kg of luggage.

The soldiers also have to manage to get up at a certain time without having an alarm clock available (if an applicant fails to do this, he is immediately eliminated from the process) and are brought to their own limits almost every day.

3. GRU SpetsNaz (Russia)

Best Special forces in world

The SpesNaz (short for spezialnowo nasnatschenija, which means something like units for special use) is an elite unit of the Russian intelligence service GRU; it was officially founded in October 1950 and its missions include counter-terrorism, sabotage and asymmetrical warfare.

It was a. deployed in the Crimean Crisis, the Caucasus War and the Afghanistan War. In the latter case, they made up only 3% of the armed forces involved, but were responsible for 75% of the losses on the Afghan side.

In addition to a high level of intelligence and physical fitness, absolute loyalty is also required. Anyone who speaks a foreign language has even better cards.

2. SAS (Great Britain)

dangerous Special Forces in the world

The Special Air Service is part of the British Army and is considered a special unit from the start.

Domestically, the unit is mainly used to counter terrorism (this was already the case with the IRA, for example), but high-ranking British officials can also rely on the protection of SAS troops.

Abroad, the soldiers primarily serve to obtain information and to carry out sabotage.

As in the other elite units, the selection process is strict: just two to ten percent of applicants pass the tough tests.

A few decades ago you had to earn admission through a special effort in combat, today there are exams that can only be taken by men.

As part of the recruitment test, applicants must demonstrate how to orientate themselves in nature with just a map and compass, pass a first aid test, cross country runs with luggage, complete parachute training, and pass jungle and combat training.

1. Navy Seals (USA)

best special force unit

The Navy Seals have been around since 1962, their name is made up of the words Sea (water), Air (air) and Land (land).

They are used in rescue and rescue operations, in the fight against terrorism and in combat missions.

The motto of the troop, which in turn is part of the US Special Operations Command, is: “The only easy day was yesterday (The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday).”

Above all, the seals act quickly and withdraw immediately after their assignment has been carried out.

One of their most famous victims is probably Osama bin Laden, whom they tracked down in Pakistan in 2011.

The training includes, among other things. a 26-week combat swimmer training and a jump and parachute training.

They are also pushed to their limits with sleep deprivation, shooting and explosives exercises. Only 20 to 30% of all applicants do not drop out of the tests prematurely.

Soldiers of this special unit have been among others up to now. Used in the Vietnam War, the Yugoslav Wars and the Iraq War.

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