50 Metal Barndominium Home Design Picture Ideas

What is a Barndominium?

The recent trend in real estate is straight up our alleys (or dirt trails, if you like): barndominiums have been popping up all over Pinterest, and we’re already bored.

These distinctive houses are precisely what they sound like: steel barns transformed into living areas. Adding a living area where you wouldn’t expect one to be the main. Well, according to W.D. Metal Buildings, a firm that builds these kinds of housing in Texas, tends to be inexpensive and simple to keep.

If you’re a Fixer Upper supporter, the picture above may sound familiar— it’s a room refurbished by Chip and Joanna Gaines. In a latest episode, Joanna clarified that she had been dreaming of picking up a bardominium for some moment. Making the barn, once home to horses, was an intestinal job. The outcome was a second floor living room and kitchen with bedrooms on the first floor. Talk to the personality!

Of course, you’re not just supposed to take our word for it. Pinterest lately included barndominiums in the list of top male searches. Guess that means we don’t have to care about the responses of our wives when we announce our favourite fresh alternative living concept.

If the conversion of a barn into a living space is not your style, a lot of places offer plans to build your own barndominium from the ground up. UMAXPC indicates these models to anyone searching for a house with various tasks, such as a store or office room.

Why do you consider buying one?

This house can be a very nice structure to reside in, particularly if you’re weary of all the hustle and bustle in the large towns. Just like anything else, if you settle for a barndominium, you must have some idea of what’s in for you. Here are some of the advantages to be considered: they are very versatile. Probably one of the greatest attributes of barndominiums resides in their versatility. Their design is open and customizable, making them suitable for a variety of purposes. Nevertheless, if you want to use them for hotels, stores, bars or even community centres, you can do so voluntarily.


One of the most important characteristics of barndominiums is probably their versatility, and their designs are accessible and customizable to suit many purposes, but if you want them for restaurants, stores, bars or even community centres, you will be free to do so.

Easy to Build

No one likes to wait before they can migrate into their new building for eternity. Fortunately, barns are very simple to construct and the method is fast.

You can, of course, seek the support of a company to assist you, but if more cash is not attractive to you, you can do it yourself. There is the benefit that material kits are already accessible for these buildings and make your job much easier.

More Additional Space

The other great advantage of barndominiums is how the room you need can be multiplied. Generally, it allows you, thanks to its design, to add some walls to the room or to leave it open if you want. Is it not great? Is it not great? In this video, you can see how the design of this video allows you to add more space.

Barndominiums are essentially all about the wide range of design. They have high ceilings, a sense of spaciousness and a constant flow of light and air. As mentioned, you can organize the interior of a barn without worrying about things that are too tight, stifled and crowded.


Anyone searches for durability in their home–not just. Luckily, barndominiums can offer you everything you want. A barndominium is robust and protects against certain components. It’s not going to die at the same moment and maintain pests away. You can rest assured you will spend some time in this construction.

Cost Effective

In view of the cost of a conventional building, the latest figures for the construction are approximately $290,600-$ 145 per square foot for a 2,000-square feet building. Clearly, those costs can decrease to $115 per square foot in the event of a humble construction of 1500 square feet-a total of around $172,000.

On the other side, a barn builder can provide his customers with endless exterior doors, a well-established base as well as high quality windows and a metal shell for just $38,000. The final price is between 70 and 95 dollars per square foot.

Barndominium Design Picture Ideas

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As they become more popular every day, many individuals see the potential of barndominiums and also decide to invest in them. As you could see, these buildings have many advantages, so you should try them.

In the end, it is something that most home owners want that you can design the interior of your home just as you want, while maintaining the sense of spaciousness. With a barndomain, you have this opportunity, as are several advantages–a safer, more durable home with low maintenance costs.

As mentioned, we can expect to see more and more barns, given their increased popularity, and we can rest assured that there won’t be two to look the same inside. As they say it’s not the shell –what’s inside and, in this situation, it’s more important.

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