Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon

Back Classic Tabby

Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon

Both of them are long-haired cats and look-alike appearances, with quite similar adaptable and active personalities. As a cat lover, which one do you prefer?

Norwegian Forest Cat Overview

Being an official cat of Norway by the late King Olaf V, Norwegian Forest cats are also commonly being named Norsk Skogkatt (‘forest cat’ in local language) and weggie. Unlike in the United States, their remarkable appearance and friendly-gesture towards human made them famous breed cats in Europe, especially for Scandinavian countries.

They are generally large, especially the males. An adult male has weigh of 12-16 pounds, whereas the female one could get 9-12 pounds. They gain the full size around age of four or five and have life expectancy of 14-16 years. They have various combination of colours, range from black, white, and cream to tabby.

Their distinctive look starts from the hair. They have such long hair, have a woolly undercoat, waterproof double coat, plumed tail, almond-shaped eyes, inverted triangular head, and rugged appearance. Everything that makes them well-suited for Norway environment.

They can be a great pet. They need some times to adapt with new environment, but enjoy company of their human companion, even with other pets. But most of the time, it’s them who make the calls whether to get close with others or not. They tend to not vocalize as often as other cats.

Having a long history of being great mousers and barn protectors, some literatures even said the cats also did catch riders on Viking ships, thus pet owners should aware of their hunting skills instinct. They are considerably active, bursts of energy then completed by long naps. The cats love to climb and run too. A dinner table or china cabinet could be their first personal assessment regarding this matter. Please put more attention on this.

They have longer back legs, help them to be great climbers and runners. Pet owners should provide a scratching post and high cat tree for fulfilling their natural behaviour. Their overactive personality is quite distinctive too, even to this day wild cats can still be found at some farms in Norway.

Although they look like a demanding cats, they only need some weekly combing. They shed one coat during the spring and the winter, when their combing activity need little more attention.
The cats’ life may be endangered by several health problems. The three common diseases are Hip Dysplasia (move slower and avoid jumping), Glycogen Storage Disease IV (an infrequent one, can be justified by DNA test), and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (related to heart). Hence, the owners need to concern about the food, since the high-protein and high-meat diets for skogkatt are favourably recommended. They can’t process carbs as good as other animals.

Historically, there are some theories explaining their ancestors. Some literatures link them with Turkish long-haired cats that being carried with Turkish traders thousands of years ago. Others may refer them to Russian Siberian cats. Being said that, skogkatt are popular characters in local mithology and tale.

The cats that we are seeing today have topknotted ears and toes, and other suitable features that can endure Arctic winters. They have come a long way through natural selection and, interestingly, nearly became extinct during World War II. However, their general outfit may confuse people with Maine Coons.

Norwegian Forest Cat Colors Pictures

Brown Mackerel Tabby showing line along spine

Brown Mackerel Tabby showing line along spine

Tabby showing ringed tail

Tabby showing ringed tail

Brown Mackerel Tabby showing body stripes

Brown Mackerel Tabby showing body stripes

Vertical pencils lines over back of the head

Vertical pencils lines over back of the head

Black Mackerel Tabby

Black Mackerel Tabby

Brown Mackerel Tabby

Brown Mackerel Tabby

Blue Mackerel Tabby

Blue Mackerel Tabby

Silver Mackerel Tabby

Silver Mackerel Tabby

Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby

Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby

Red Silver Mackerel Tabby

Red Silver Mackerel Tabby

Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby with White

Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby with White

Silver Mackerel Tabby with White

Silver Mackerel Tabby with White

Cream Mackerel Tabby with White

Cream Mackerel Tabby with White

Black Mackerel Tabby with White

Black Mackerel Tabby with White

Back Classic Tabby

Back Classic Tabby

Brown Classic Tabby

Brown Classic Tabby

Blue Classic Tabby

Blue Classic Tabby

Red Classic Tabby

Red Classic TabbySilver Classic Tabby

Silver Classic Tabby

Blue Silver Classic Tabby

Blue Silver Classic Tabby

Silver Spotted Tabby

Silver Spotted Tabby

Brown Spotted Tabby

Brown Spotted Tabby

Black Tortie Spotted Tabby with White

Black Tortie Spotted Tabby with White

Brown Spotted Tabby with White

Brown Spotted Tabby with White

Silver Spotted tabby and White

Silver Spotted tabby and White

Red Spotted Tabby

Red Spotted Tabby

Black Tortoiseshell showing brindled coat

Black Tortoiseshell showing brindled coat

Black Tortoiseshell a lighter coloured coat

Black Tortoiseshell a lighter coloured coat

Black Tortoiseshell kitten

Black Tortoiseshell kitten

Black Tortie and White (Calico)

Black Tortie and White (Calico)

Brown Classic Tortie Tabby and White kittens

Brown Classic Tortie Tabby and White kittens

Black Classic Tortie Tabby and White kitten

Black Classic Tortie Tabby and White kitten

Blue Cream Tortie Tabby and White

Blue Cream Tortie Tabby and White

Black Tortie Spotted Tabby and White

Black Tortie Spotted Tabby and White

Blue Tortie Blotched Tabby and White

Blue Tortie Blotched Tabby and White

Black with white bib paws and chin

Black with white bib paws and chin

Brown Classic Tabby with White

Brown Classic Tabby with White

Silver Mackerel Tabby and White

Silver Mackerel Tabby and White

Brown Classic Tabby and White Kitten

Brown Classic Tabby and White Kitten

Blue Smoke bi-colour

Blue Smoke bi-colour

Red Mackerel Tabby bi-colour

Red Mackerel Tabby bi-colour

Brown Classic Tabby – harlequin

Brown Classic Tabby - harlequin

Silver tabby harlequin

Silver tabby harlequin


Maine Coons Overview

Having nicknamed “dog of the cat world”, Maine Coons are commonly recognized as its big dimension (equivalent to a dog) and loyal gesture to the owners (equivalent to, again, a dog). Despite of their massive looks, they are considerably gentle, calm, and one of the most companionable cat in the world. Therefore, they are well-suited for such a great ‘beginner cat’.

Their thick hair are meant to endure the winter of Maine, where they originated from. The cats are also great mousers and hunters. Some literatures stated that they come from the crossbreeding of American short-haired and overseas long-haired ones.

Perhaps the most distinguishing thing of them are their social skill, especially their affectionate level and tolerance towards kids, even other pets. However, instead of being a ‘lap cat’, they tend to stay close to their keepers and get tapping for some times. Apart from their main owner, they feel comfortable with the entire family too. Interestingly, they love playing with liquid and water, they can even swim as well.

Another similarity between those two recognizable cats is their active traits. They love to play and fetch, therefore please avoid of leaving them on their own for too long. Since a lonely cat may impact their health and aggresiveness, other than hormonal reason, the pet owner should know their cat preference before adopting one. Some literatures even suggest to keep two cats from the beginning regarding this matter.

There are some particular contrasts between the male and female ones. Other than the bigger size, male cats are more social than female cats. Nevertheless, the female cats are also quite friendly and smart. The cats could accustomed to their owners’ behaviour as they grow old together. It becomes another reason why they are so accepted and loved by cat lovers.

Both of them have different characters and pet approaches. Once again, the pet owner should understand their pet styles, whether they want to commit full-time patter or only need a not-human-company during weekends.

Just like all animals, the cats are prone to some sickness as well. The two most well-known diseases are Hip Dysplasia and Polycystic Kidney Disease, which the risk could be minimized by vaccination.

Other than the need of companion, the health issue can also be prevented by food diet. Moreover, the Maine Coons tend to have overweight, even though they grow slowly which may need up to 3-4 years.

Maine Coons Colors Pictures

Solid Colors

Solid colors (clearly) have no pattern. Black and Blue torties are a strong color blend. A strong white cat masks a different color, generally the parent’s color.

Solid Black Maine Coon


Solid Blue


Solid Red


Solid Cream

Solid Cream

Black Tortie


Blue Tortie

Black-Tortie Grey

White Orange Eyes


White Green Eyes


White Odd Eyes


White Blue Eyes


Smoke Colors

In a Maine Coon cat, when we refer to the “smoke” color, we are actually referring to the silver undercoat that is seen on a strong cat. Detecting a smoke undercoat in kittens is not always simple because it can grow and become more prominent with age. Usually it is identified by inspecting the hair shaft roots in the cat. A true color of smoke will give the hair shaft silver roots.

NOTE: The silver coat is referred to as smoke in a strong Maine Coon colour. It is called silver in a tabby cat.

Black Smoke Maine Coon


Blue Smoke


Cream Smoke


Black Tortie Smoke



Classic Tabby Colors

There is something so lovely and regal about a Maine Coon Classic Tabby. The tabbies are the colors of Maine Coon that are most sought after.

Brown Classic Tabby


Red Tabby


Black Tortie Tabby


Silver Classic Tabby Colors

Black Silver Tabby


Blue Silver Tabby


Red Silver Classic Tabby


Black Silver Tortie Tabby


Mackerel Tabby Colors

Brown Mackerel Tabby


Silver Mackerel Tabby Colors

Red Silver Mackerel Tabby


Silver Shaded Tabby Colors

Red Silver Shaded Tabby


Black Silver Tortie Tabby with White


Red Tabby with White


Blue Smoke with White


Both cats are recommended for indoor pet. Nonetheless, you need to get a lot of information before deciding to adopt one.

Is Your Maine Coon Mix? Here Step To Check!

Maine Coon Kitten Size

Maine Coon Mix – In response to the world’s largest cat registry, The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA), 58 standardized breeds are presently acknowledged. Lots of the present breeds are genetic mutations, crossbreeds, and crossed hybrids of different breeds.

Maine Coon cats are a sort of American Longhair which have a really distinctive physique model and are simple to determine if one is aware of the traits to search for. However, a few of them are blended breeds and look similar to the true Maine Coon.

To know in case your cat is a Maine Coon or not, you could have to have the ability to determine the defining traits of the breed as outlined beneath.

Physique Dimensions

The Maine Coon is among the largest breeds of domestic cat, so its physique measurement will likely be a great place to begin to attract reference from.

A male often weighs between 13 and 18 kilos whereas a feminine will weigh from eight to 12 kilos. Adults can attain as much as 10 inches in top ranging all the best way to 16 inches.

Lengthwise, Maine Coons can attain as much as 48 inches from nostril to tail. The breed has a big, muscular body, broad chest, and lengthy torso.

Their physique is rectangular in form. A Maine Coon tabby combine or a Maine Coon shorthair combine would have a barely smaller body and shorter torso.

Subsequently, some of the typical indicators of a blended coon can be barely smaller physique dimensions.

Check Ears and Head

A purebred Maine Coon has massive ears, not too pointy – set extra on the highest of its head slightly than the perimeters. The ideas and insides of its closely furred ears are generally seen with further lengthy tufts of hair, which serve to maintain the cat’s ears heat within the chilly Maine winter.

Its head is somewhat bit longer than it’s huge in comparison with a mixed-breed Maine Coon. A purebred would even have a straight nostril, whereas different longhair Maine Coon combine cats would show a tell-tale flat nostril line.

Maine Coons are additionally mentioned to have the eyes of a wild predator, as they appear to be extra squinty – giving an air of crafty and connivance, though, this statement might be based mostly off of pure hypothesis.

Maine Coon Coat

The distinguished characteristic of a Maine Coon is its lengthy, comfortable, and silky coat of hair. Its coat is uneven and has two layers – a silky, self-maintaining undercoat and longer guard hairs.

The hair on its head and shoulders is significantly shorter than the remainder of the physique and longer on the abdomen and flank.

Of great prominence is a ruff of fur across the neck, comparable in look to a lion’s mane, a characteristic that will likely be seen as full and fluffy in purebred Maine Coons, and considerably wispy or thinned out in mixed-breeds.

Maine Coon Tail

You’ll be able to simply inform a purebred Maine Coon by its lengthy, bushy, and voluminous tail which might attain as much as 14 inches in size. It’s so furry that it appears to be like like a raccoon’s tail – making it simply that a lot nearer in look to its namesake.

It ought to be very full – one other indication of a blended Maine Coon is that if the tail appears to have misplaced a few of its fluff or isn’t fairly as bushy appropriately. In some cases, the tail would possibly even characteristic brief hairs.

Should you observe this phenomenon in your cat, likelihood is excessive that it’s a mixed-breed and doubtless has DNA from different long-haired cats.

Other Variances

Maine Coons are available in plenty of different colors and patterns. The most well-liked ones are brown-tabby and tiger-striped.

However there are additionally candies, reds, and just about each different coloration {that a} cat can presumably be. Frequent stable colours embody white, black, blue, and cream.

Since there are such a lot of totally different varieties, counting on the colour or sample is not going to will let you clearly decide whether or not the cat is a pure Maine Coon or has blended ancestry.

Maine Coons are additionally well-known for being polydactyl. In case the phrase is international to you, polydactyl cats are born with further toes – the results of an autosomal dominant Pd gene.

Whereas this trait will not be distinctive to Maine Coons, it was considered at one level that round 40% of the cat inhabitants in Maine carried the polydactyl gene.

Character-wise, Maine Coons are loyal, cautious, and mild however on the similar time impartial, dignified, and playful. They possess above-average intelligence which makes them simple to coach.

They’re generally known as “light giants”, and appear to have a fascination with water, which may be very unusual, as most felines don’t like water.

Other Ways

There are a number of methods you may establish a Maine Coon. A method is by its bodily options like its giant measurement, shaggy fur, tapered tail and ears, and enormous eyes. Since Maine Coons are outgoing and pleasant, you may also establish them by observing their conduct and personalities. As a final resort, contact your vet to get a DNA take a look at.

Method 1: Identify your cat with physical trait

Verify the size of the cat’s fur

Maine Coons have an extended, shaggy coat. The fur shouldn’t be thick, however it’s plentiful. Its paws, tails, and ears are coated in fluffy tufts of fur. The fur on the cat’s again needs to be shorter towards the entrance of the cat and longer towards its rear. Fur on the cat’s sides, likewise, ought to progressively get longer from entrance to again.

The brown tabby sample is the most typical shade sample for Maine Coons. Nonetheless, Maine Coons can be found in 75 totally different shade mixtures.

Search for a big cat

Maine Coons are the most important of all cat breeds. They’ve a sturdy and rugged look about them. Some folks have even likened them to small bobcats. If in case you have a cat that appears unusually giant, it could be a Maine Coon.

Male Maine Coons are inclined to weight 15-25 kilos. Females are inclined to weigh 10-15 kilos. In case your cat falls inside these weight ranges, you simply might need a Maine Coon.

Males are normally 10-16 inches (25-41 centimeters) tall and 40 inches (101 centimeters) lengthy. Females are typically 8-14 inches tall and round 40 inches (101 centimeters) lengthy. Use a yardstick or tape measure to acquire your cat’s size and peak.

Contact the cat

Maine Coons have an oily, fluffy coat that they’ve developed to guard themselves from harsh winter circumstances. Maine coons have huge, fluffy tails that they use to maintain themselves heat after they’re resting.The fur needs to be fantastic. Their our bodies are agency and muscular.

Verify the cat’s miscellaneous physique traits

Maine Coons have muscular legs which might be medium in size. The legs needs to be proportional to the physique. The physique have to be lengthy, not compact. Maine Coons have tails which might be vast on the base, then slim progressively. Attempt reaching the cat’s shoulder with its tail. In case you can attain or nearly attain the shoulder, the tail is appropriate size to counsel it could be a Maine Coon. The tail ought to have lengthy, flowing fur.

Lastly, search for tapered ears. The 2 ears of the Maine Coon are vast on the base and taper to a degree. They are going to be positioned comparatively shut collectively, with no multiple ear’s width between them.

The ears can have tufts of fur rising inside them. Many of the European-type cats may also have lynx-like tufts of fur on the factors of their ears.
The cat will wrap its tail round itself to remain heat in chilly climate. The tail is fluffy and fairly lengthy.

Search for giant eyes

The Maine Coon’s eyes are barely indirect (slanted), not completely spherical. They’re usually inexperienced or gold, although they could be blue, too.

Search for an extended rising cycle

Most cats attain their full measurement when they’re 9 to 12 months previous. Maine Coons, nonetheless are inclined to develop for no less than two years. Some have been recognized to develop for 4 years. In case you’ve a cat that simply appears to continue to grow, it could be a Maine Coon.

Method 2: Figuring out Your Cat Utilizing Different Proof

Search for a pleasant demeanor

Maine Coons are well-known for his or her pleasant, relaxed personalities. They take to each other with kids and different pets. If this seems like your cat, you might need a Maine Coon.

Verify for a love of water.

Maine Coons get pleasure from splashing and spilling water. They’re even recognized to splash about in bathrooms. In case your cat appears to have a particular fascination with water, and it reveals different indicators of being a Maine Coon, it’s attainable that it’s a Maine Coon.

Search for “dog-like” behaviors.

Most individuals know that canines are typically extroverted and devoted. Maine Coons, likewise, are famend for his or her dependable and outgoing conduct. In case your cat greets you within the morning and while you arrive at house, it could be a Maine Coon.

Get a genetic take a look at

One other solution to establish a Maine Coon is to get a genetic take a look at. This entails a vet or different medical skilled taking a DNA pattern out of your cat. Sometimes, that is finished by swabbing the within of your cat’s cheek for pores and skin cells, drawing a vial of blood, or clipping a little bit of its fur. The vet will then use this organic pattern to match your cat’s genome towards recognized Maine Coon DNA and search for a match.
Genetic exams are about 90% correct.

Monitor the cat’s well being

Maine Coons usually have good well being. Nonetheless, they’re vulnerable to 2 circumstances. One is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a situation that causes the partitions of the center to thicken. The opposite situation is feline hip dysplasia, which is brought about when Maine Coons’ hips don’t type correctly and leads to ache and arthritis.
The breeder you receive your Maine Coon from ought to display for HCM earlier than you buy it.

As a result of Maine Coons are naturally giant, there may be little you are able to do to forestall hip dysplasia. Your vet will provide help to deal with your cat ought to it develop this situation.

Methodology 3: Acquiring a Maine Coon

Resolve if a cat is best for you

Like all cats, Maine Coons are an funding of each money and time. They’ll price anyplace from $400 to $1,000, and so they additionally require ongoing prices like cat meals, cat litter, and vet visits. Plus, since Maine Coons are comparatively outgoing, they require some consideration and affection day by day. If you’re a busy particular person, contemplate a pet that requires much less vitality.

If you need a much less energetic Maine Coon, take into consideration getting a full-grown cat as a substitute of a kitten.

Select a good breeder

Respected breeders is not going to have Maine Coons (or another breed) accessible year-round. They may also not settle for purchases on-line or have a number of litters on their premises. As an alternative, they’ll insist on a strict contract that describes what occurs in case you may not handle the cat, and supply as a lot data as attainable concerning the cat’s pedigree and well being.

Contact the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Affiliation for a listing of respected breeders in your space.

Take into account alternate options

Shopping for your Maine Coon from a breeder is the most typical solution to get one. However you could possibly additionally get your Maine Coon from a rescue group like Maine Coon Adoptions or Maine Coon Rescue. Contact one in every of these organizations or the same group about getting a Maine Coon.

Go to the cat before you purchase it

Respected breeders or cat sellers will welcome you to go to the cat within the location the place the cat was raised. The cat needs to be raised indoors. Be cautious of breeders who attempt to meet you in a location that’s not the place the place the Maine Coon was raised (usually the breeder’s house).[18] In case you see that the Maine Coon was raised in a small, soiled, or crowded pen, select one other breeder. These circumstances counsel that the cat might need fleas or sicknesses.

Likewise, don’t receive a cat that was raised in isolation, as it could have problem socializing with different pets or folks when launched to your own home.

Be affected person

Maine Coons will most likely not be accessible instantly. Cats raised correctly must be about 12 to 16 weeks previous earlier than they are often separated from their moms.

Moreover, many breeders have wait lists that forestall fast and simple buy of a Maine Coon.[

Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Coat

Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Kittens – Discovering the proper kitten for any household is a problem.

You need one which’s pleasant and mild along with your children, however one which’s going to develop properly with the household.

One of many first belongings you may discover about Maine Coon kittens is its barely completely different look, and which may draw you to the breed.

It’s an amazing breed to have at residence, and there are such a lot of the explanation why.

We’re going to take you thru the traits and traits of this huge, however beautiful, cat so as to totally perceive simply what it’s that makes this cat so alluring.

There are such a lot of issues we might let you know about Maine Coon kittens that might make you need to get one proper this second, however we’ll chorus from bragging about them and simply share essentially the most vital and necessary traits and expectations you may count on from a cat of this nature.

Maine Coon kittens are sometimes discovered with breeders, which implies you should be ready to ask questions and discover particular solutions earlier than buying considered one of these lovely felines.

They are often fairly dear, so that you need to be sure that the breeder you’re entrusting to promote you a cat is on the right degree, and also you’re going to need to do some analysis to make sure that any such kitten is excellent for your loved ones.

It’s small, lovely and barely off-key face may lure you in as a kitten, however it’s necessary to know what you’re getting when that Maine Coon kitten turns into a full-blown grownup. This isn’t the small kitten you may count on.

Maine Coon Kitten Size

Maine Coon Kitten Size

As a kitten, the Maine Coon is comparatively small and kitten-like. Nonetheless, it does develop to be a big animal, so it usually fools those that are on the lookout for a small cat.

A small cat you’ll not discover with this explicit breed. The common Maine Coon male finally ends up weighing anyplace from 13 to 18 kilos on common, however there are numerous that weigh in at nearer to 25 or 30 kilos. That’s a giant cat!

Females are decidedly smaller, weighing a lot smaller 9-12 kilos. Nonetheless, it’s not simply their our bodies that develop to be fairly giant. It is a cat that additionally has very giant options.

One such function is the cats paws, that are a lot bigger than these of your on a regular basis cat.

They’re fairly giant and will be intimidating to those that aren’t accustomed to seeing them.

It’s additionally necessary to notice that these are cats that mature very slowly.

What this implies is that you simply sometimes is not going to discover one which grows to its full measurement till nearer to the cat’s third yr of life.

When you get there, you will note, nevertheless, that they do start to develop fairly shortly.

Maine Coon Coat

Maine Coon Coat

Some of the dramatic options, apart from measurement, of the Maine Coon is the fur on this animal.

It’s a cat that has some very lengthy fur, however it’s not the identical size all the way in which round.

In actual fact, it’s a part of the rationale these cats are so distinctive trying. They’ve lengthy hair in some areas and shorter hair in others.

It not solely appears utterly unusual at occasions, it additionally makes the colours of the cat look completely different, which causes a really beautiful visible.

Its shaggy coat may be very distinctive. It’s fairly gentle alongside the underside, however it may be very shaggy on the prime.

It’s additionally water resistant on the prime. Across the neck of a Maine Coon is a tuft of hair that resembles a lion’s mane.

It actually does make the cat appear to be a a lot smaller model of a lion, and the sheer measurement of those giant animals doesn’t assist, both.

Maine Coon Personality

Maine Coon Personality

It is a actually “cool” cat. It loves to speak, and has a good time conversing with individuals regularly.

It is a cat that you simply gained it need if you happen to favor a cat that has a quieter nature.

It is a cat that may speak your ear off and be sure you know what’s up in his or her life.

The opposite cool issue concerning the Maine Coon is the truth that he’ll look you proper within the eye when he speaks to you, and he is not going to hassle to look away.

He’s not intimidated by you, and he desires your focus solely on him.

It is a cat that’s very clever, however very loving. It’s large, however it feels it’s a lap animal that ought to spend as a lot time as near you as attainable.

It is a cat that may make it a degree to come back shut, purr and ask for some love and a spotlight.

The Maine Coon is enjoyable as a result of it likes consideration from everybody, together with youngsters and different pets.

Most cats will not be very accepting of youngsters consideration, however they’re very accepting of the truth that they may get love from their children.

They’ll even cuddle proper as much as the household canine if it’s a cat-friendly animal.

They’ve very dog-like in that they like human consideration and interplay. Many cats are extra resigned and have a tendency to really feel that they solely need consideration when they need it, and that’s not all that always.

The Maine Coon, nevertheless, isn’t a kind of cats. It’s very pleasant and really social. It’s not prone to cover when you could have a home full of individuals.

It’s extra prone to come out and sit down subsequent to a visitor in an effort to get slightly consideration and love.

One other very dog-like high quality that your Maine Coon kitten will in the future undertake is the top of the day greet.

It is a cat that may positively see you on the finish of the day and be sure you know that he’s completely happy to see you.

Very like a canine or a toddler, this cat will greet you on the finish of the day with a contented dialog and a few want for consideration.

The Maine Coon Cat History

Maine Coon History

The Maine Coon is the one really native American cat. However its origins are misplaced in fantasy and legend, and unusual tales about them abound.

So the place did Maine Coon cats actually come from? Allow us to check out the tales surrounding their origins…

Myths and Legends Regarding Maine Coon Origins

Among the finest recognized tales about Maine Coons is that they’re the results of a mating between a racoon and a home cat.

That is, in fact, genetically unattainable! There is not any manner that two animals of various species may produce offspring on this manner. However, this fantasy nonetheless crops up on occasion within the current day.

One other frequent story is that Maine Coons have been regarded as the results of a bobcat/housecat cross.

That is really a risk. Matings between bobcats and home cats are uncommon, however they’ve been documented.

The kittens of such a cross are described as sturdy, heavily-furred cats with giant tufted ears and large toes.

That’s, they they seem like Maine Coons! So…it’s not utterly unattainable, however this isn’t typically now believed.

The subsequent legend is a particularly romantic story, primarily based loosely on reality.

In direction of the top of the French Revolution, there was a bid to avoid wasting the royal cats. A sea captain named Samuel Clough was to deliver Queen Marie Antoinette and her cats to the USA.

She is alleged to have had numerous fluffy Persian or Angora cats, which mated with the resident American farm cats.

Their descendents are mentioned to be the Maine Coons. Now, this isn’t unattainable.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty unlikely, since Marie Antoinette was not even recognized to have any long-haired cats.

Subsequent, there may be the story of a Captain Coon, an English sea captain who was very keen on cats.

He had numerous Persians and Angoras, and when he fraternized whereas ashore, so did his cats! When long-haired cat litters started showing, they had been known as “certainly one of Coon’s cats”…and steadily the title caught. Nicely, it might be true.

Maine Coons might be descended from the Norwegian Skogkatt, which presumably came visiting with the Vikings.

This cat, and its Danish and Swedish counterparts, the Race Katte and the Rugkatt, have many bodily traits in frequent with the Maine Coon.

They’ve all evolved in a harsh local weather, and undergone intervals of residing wild.

In current occasions there have been many feedback on the similarity between these breeds, so that is fairly attainable that the Maine Coon did descend from them.

The long haired Russian cat has related seems to be, and will even have been a attainable ancestor.

The Probably Reality of the Matter

The true origins of the Maine Coon are more than likely to be a mixture of the entire above legends, shorn of the romance and among the particulars.

All through the interval of American colonisation, ships got here to the North-East of the USA with cargo and crews, and with them, their cats.

These would have been cats of many breeds, which mated with the unique home American cats.

Man then added to the combo by choosing the traits that had been discovered to be interesting, including breeding programmes, and eventually producing right now’s Maine Coon.

So the Maine Coon is a pure breed of cat, or at the least the unique ones had been, however it has been modified through the years.

Maine Coon in USA

The Maine Coon has been thought of as a separate breed and proven within the USA for a few years.

As early because the 1860s they had been being proven in native agricultural reveals, lengthy earlier than the primary official cat reveals had been held.

However there was no official customary of factors, and it’s unclear how precisely the cats had been judged.

Nevertheless, the introduction of the Persian cat meant Maine Coons declined in reputation, they usually disappeared from the present bench for a very long time.

By the 1950s the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation (CFA) within the USA had declared them to be extinct.

Nevertheless, this was not the case. A number of breeders continued growing the breed and retaining information of the kittens produced from their matings.

The very best recognized of those is a |Mrs Ethelyn Whittemore or Augusta, Maine, who had a lot of Maine Coon cats.

She might be chargeable for the truth that the Maine Coon cat continued, and most current day Maine Coons are in all probability descended from Whittemore cats if we glance far sufficient again.

In 1953 a Maine Coon Cat Membership was fashioned, and in 1956 a regular of factors was drawn up. The Maine Coon was formally again.

Quickly their reputation started to develop, and in 1976 it was lastly accepted as a pedigree breed.

Right now it’s the second hottest breed of cat within the USA, behind the Persian.

Maine Coon comes to Britain

Though Maine Coons started to function in magazines in Europe, it was not till the mid 1980s that they got here to Britain.

American breeders had been reluctant to ship them over because of British quarantine legal guidelines, fearing that the cats can be saved in unsuitable small pens.

Nevertheless in 1984 the primary cats had been imported. They consisted of 5 cats of various colors, and shortly extra started to reach, and breeding commenced within the UK.

In 1985 a small group of British breeders based the Most important Coon Cat Membership.

The recognition of those new cats continued to develop, and in 1993 they lastly achieved full Championship standing.

Right now they’re the fourth hottest breed within the UK, and their reputation continues to develop.

So that’s the lengthy, concerned story of the “Light Big” of the feline world. However does all of it actually matter anyway?

Can we care the place the Maine Coon got here from? These cats are distinctive, enormous, extraordinarily lovable cat, and have devoted followers the world over.

And as I used to be informed after I acquire my first certainly one of these stunning cats, “One Maine Coon is rarely sufficient”.

10 Fascinating Fact About Maine Coon Cats

Fact About Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons have been common of their native USA for a few years, however had been unknown within the UK till the 1980s.

Nevertheless, since then they’ve change into more and more common, and now most individuals have heard of them, even when they aren’t that aware of many pedigree breeds.

At cat reveals, the variety of Maine Coons retains on rising yearly, as increasingly folks fall underneath their spell.

However how a lot do you really find out about these pretty cats? Listed here are some attention-grabbing info about Maine Coons.

1. The Maine Coon is the World’s Largest Cat Breed

Maine Coons are the most important home cat breed. Males often weigh from six to eight kilos, however cats weighing as much as twelve kilos usually are not unusual.

The females are often somewhat smaller, however not a lot. Maine Coons are additionally very lengthy cats, usually over a metre in size.

And so they have extremely lengthy, bushy tails; certainly, the GCCF breed customary states that the tail should attain at the least to the cat’s shoulder when stretched backwards over the cat’s again.

So they’re usually generally known as the ‘light giants’ of the cat world.

2. There are Many Vibrant Legends Concerning the Origins of the Maine Coon

Maine Coons have been mentioned to be the results of a cross between a raccoon and a home cat, a bobcat/home cat mating, or descended from Marie Antoinette’s Persian cats.

They’ve additionally been regarded as descended from Viking cats. The reality is unknown, however it’s more than likely that ships’ cats from Europe mated with the native cats initially, after which choice by house owners and breeders produced the trendy day Maine Coon.

3. Maine Coons are Designed for Winter and Harsh Climates

No matter their origins, Maine Coons are cats designed for the good open air. Their shaggy fur is nearly waterproof, and their giant tufted paws allow them to stroll simply by way of snow.

Some Maine Coons even shake water off their coats within the method of canine.

Certainly, these cats can cope properly with the winters of their native Maine, and nearly some other harsh climates too.

4. Maine Coons Are available a Number of Colors

Maine Coons are sometimes thought to solely happen of their commonest color, the brown tabby.

However they arrive in an enormous number of different colors too – all shades of tabby, tortie, and all stable colors. For present functions, the GCCF permits any colors besides Siamese patterning.

5. Maine Coons Have an Intensive Vocabulary

Maine Coons do not simply miaow like most cats. Lots of them have a large vocabulary – they chirrup, trill, yell, and make numerous different sounds with no names.

Many house owners of Maine Coons really feel as if their cats are consistently carrying on a dialog with them, although they do not all the time perceive what the cat is making an attempt to say!

6. Many Maine Coons Like Water

Many Maine Coons get pleasure from taking part in with water and even stepping into water.

Maine Coon house owners study to maintain restroom doorways shut, and roughly anticipate their cats to play with their ingesting water, usually spraying it in every single place.

Some Maine Coons even get pleasure from having a shower earlier than a present, however not all; some suppose that is going too far.

7. Many Maine Coons are Polydactyl

Polydactyl cats are these which have greater than the standard variety of toes on every paw, usually six and generally much more.

Polydactylism can happen in any breed or kind of cat, although it’s comparatively uncommon.

However it appears to be fairly frequent in Maine Coons, and based on some sources, round 40% of early Maine Coons had been polydactyl.

Some authorities say that this may increasingly have helped the cats stroll on snow.

Nevertheless, the situation is seen as undesirable by present registries, and so the variety of polydactyl Maine Coons has declined.

However, I do know of at the least one breeder who will provide polydactyl Maine Coons for many who need them.

8. A Maine Coon Holds the Report for the World’s Longest Cat

The Guinness World Report for the longest cat was held for a very long time by Maine Coon cat Stewie, who measured 48.5 inches in size.

He was then overtaken by one other Maine Coon, Ludo, who simply beat him, measuring 46 inches.

9. A Maine Coon Starred within the Harry Potter Movies

Pebbles, the cat within the Harry Potter movies, was performed by three cats, and certainly one of them was a feminine Maine Coon known as Pebbles.

Apparently the opposite two cats had been additionally Maine Coons, however much less appears to be recognized about them.

10. A Maine Coon was the First Pet Animal to be Cloned Commercially

Maybe the strangest Maine Coon reality is Maine Coon known as Little Nicky was the primary pet to be cloned commercially.

When he died on the age of seventeen in 2004, his proprietor paid $50,000 to a controversial firm claiming to do cat and canine cloning, in order that his tissue might be saved in a gene financial institution.

Little Nicky’s DNA was then transplanted into an egg cell, and a surrogate mom cat gave delivery to a kitten who did certainly look very like Little Nicky and had the same character.

The proprietor was reportedly proud of the outcomes. Nevertheless, the corporate ceased buying and selling in 20065, reportedly for monetary causes, so this observe seems to be unlikely to change into a pattern.


If you’re presently seeking to purchase a Maine Coon, it’s a good suggestion to contact a good breeder, and each the Maine Coon Cat Membership and Maine Coon Breed Society have updated lists, and you may also try our personal Pets4Homes Maine Coon for Sale part.

Maybe you additionally ought to go to a couple of cat reveals first and discover out what Maine Coons ought to seem like, for some folks suppose all semi longhaired giant cats are Maine Coons, and never all examples of the breed being offered are literally purebred Maine Coons.

However when you personal a real cat of this stunning breed, you’ll by no means remorse it…and you’ll in all probability discover that one Maine Coon is rarely sufficient.