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JackListens – Have you ever heard about Jack in the Box? If you live in America, there is almost no one that have no idea about Jack in the Box.

It is one of the biggest American fast food restaurant chain that was founded by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego, California.

Just like the other American fast food restaurants, it serves various western food from taco to burger.

Even you can find variety kinds of burgers there. If you have something to say about Jack in the Box, whether you love it so much or want to express your critics, now you can visit jacklistens.com and just fill customer survey to win some free foods.

To uphold the customer base of Jack in the Box, there is a survey named jacklistens, and you need to simply visit jacklistens.com to express your words about Jack in the Box, everything that you experienced whether the foods and their service.

Your words and critical thing can help both customer and Jack in the Box management to improve their lack and withstand their amazing performance.

Doing the survey is just so simple yet very interesting. Also, you can win foods for free from Jack in the Box which can be claimed in any Jack in the Box chain.

Here are several things you need to know about Jack in the Box and their jacklistens survey.

Hopefully it can give a glance information then can help you successful in doing the survey and help people get honest information about the restaurant.

A Glance About Jack in the Box


Jack in the Box is built in almost urban areas in United States. Spread in United states at more than 2,200 locations, you can find it in almost anywhere making it very easy to find.

The fast food restaurant serves variety kinds of western cuisine such as chicken tenders, French fries, cheeseburgers, and sandwiches that will be great to accompany your breakfast and lunch.

Chinese egg roll and Mexican Tacos are two most popular menu of Jack in the Box.

There is also the other international foods to enjoy with worth price, just like the standard price of fast food restaurants.

Jack in the Box uses Jack as mascot with its head in box shape. It becomes a viral marketing campaign in 90s making them popular in the country.

Jack in the Box also pioneering the casual restaurant style in United States. They also established JBX Grill franchise back in 2004.

The restaurant offers upbeat atmosphere, making everyone feel comfy and homey to stay in waiting line for their foods.

They do not only offer easy, quick and fast service style, they want to offer something more like different atmosphere that you cannot find in the other fast food style restaurants.

JBX grill then converted into Jack in the Box in 2006, which was unsuccessful.

However, now they are leading food industry in the country, offering large variety of international menus which are Americanized.

For instance, you can find such certain menu in certain area, like Paniolo Breakfast in Hawaii, that cannot be found in other Jack in the Box restaurants.

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Historically, the restaurant was the doors to customers. Few years later, it became a drive thru restaurant until finally today it has more than 2,200 restaurants across the country.

Behind the success of Jack in the Box, there must be something crucial to maintain customers happiness to repeat, including upholding customer base through the survey.

That’s why, jacklistens.com can be a great step for their tactical marketing strategy and the way of them maintaining good quality and service.

Jacklistens Survey


In order to improve customer satisfactions, maintaining quality and service, jacklistens survey is a tactical way done by Jack in the Box.

In return, you will get reward with free foods of their menu. They realize that customer satisfaction rate is very crucial, especially when it comes to the service and food industry.

“A happy customer is a repeat customer”, which means, if your customer happy, there is a big chance of them to go back to use your service or order foods again from you.

Jack in the Box has millions customers, and they realize that this huge customer base can be managed to be a loyal customer. The survey result and suggestions from you will be a very helpful thing from the restaurant.

Jack in the Box also pretty understand that connecting directly to customers is very important.

They want to listen the experience of their customers, that’s why jacklistens.com is made.

You can express everything about the food, the service, how the staff treat you, and another honest and real-time experience.

The feedback can be an important database of them to finally decide several tactical strategy of their further step.

Jacklistens guest experience can be accessed online at www.jacklistens.com, and it is pretty easy to do.

Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey, Why It is Important?

Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey

Back in the day, the fast food industry was not rapid pace like today, then collecting opinion and suggestion from the customers was very simple.

Physical survey will work great, customers can quick expressing what they love and what they do not love about the restaurant and everything relate.

However, Jack in the Box is impossible to do physical feedback or survey as it is spread across the country with more than 2,200 chains, also with million customers.

It seems impossible to record all the physical feedback about their dining experience.

Online survey like jacklistens.com can be effective way to record million customers experience spread over the country.

Following the digital age, it will be a great way which is also effective and efficient.

Jacklistens.com can handle and centralize digital database of customer review and survey they can submit online.

The step is just simple, after visiting the nearest Jack in the Box, you can easily participate in the survey.

People behind Jack in the Box are eager to know what you felt and thought, making it as a customer base information.

Jacklistens provide several questions to fill as the procedure of the survey itself.

There is a sort of questions about your dining experience, it can help the restaurant to know what is doing right and what is gone wrong.

Your thoughts can help them so much to evaluate, and maintain everything about the company.

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The survey includes sort of questions which are easy, just basic questions, then you deserve for a reward after helping the company.

You’ll get free food coupons as their gratitude after filling the questions, and you can claim it in any Jack in the Box chain.

Topics Of The Survey

How about the questions of the survey? Do not worry! Because they are only basic questions related to your dining experience in Jack in the Box chain.

Here are the topics which are usually given to participants.

  1. Food that you ordered
  2. Quality of food which is served to you
  3. Quantity of food served
  4. Price of the foods (whether it is reasonable or too high)
  5. How the staffs treat you, like their words and attitude. It also includes neatness and cleanliness of the stay while serving you.
  6. The restaurant atmosphere and its situation, including cleanliness.
  7. Structural point of the chain, including its interior design and point of view.

Survey Rewards

Jacklistens Survey Reward

Your feedback and suggestions are very helpful for the company. In return, they give you reward as gratitude of your opinion. You deserve to get the following reward after participating the survey:

  • Free food by store, especially in the form of coupons.
  • Discount, especially for new product
  • Gift card balance
  • Point of sweepstakes

After finishing the survey, you can check the receipt and see then see what the reward is.

Requirements to Participate the Survey

To participate in survey in jacklistens.com, there are several requirements must be fulfilled, they are:

  1. Recent receipt of your latest visit to Jack in the Box restaurant. You can simply purchase a cheap drink, for instance, to get the receipt. Then, within 3 days after receiving the receipt, you can visit www.jacklistens.com. The code in the receipt is valid only for 3 days after it is issued.
  2. You will need survey entry code printed on the order receipts. That’s why it is very important. There is also a direct invitation from the company, making you are eligible to enter the survey even without any receipt.
  3. Jacklistens.com survey is online. That’s why, you will need a device that can connect to internet. You can use whether laptop or smartphone. Also, make sure you have good internet connection so the survey will run well.
  4. Every United States citizens and residents are eligible to participate in the survey.
  5. You must be at least 18 years to participate in the survey.
  6. There are two languages provided, English and Spanish, so you must be able to read and write in English or Spanish to participate the survey.

Besides all the requirements above, here are other things that are also crucial to be prepared.

  • Valid receipt
  • Email address
  • Pencil or pen
  • 15 minutes of your time.

Restrictions of Survey

Here are few things you must keep in mind so you can participate in the survey and finish the survey well.

  1. You will be disqualified in you are under 18 years old when you are participating the survey.
  2. There is a chance to the survey rejected if there is a clear bias noted in the survey, like prejudice.
  3. You only need an order receipt to participate the survey, even a single purchase is eligible.
  4. It is considered as violation or criminals when you attempt to tamper the survey.
  5. Everyone related to the Jack in the Box, including employee, their family members, sponsors, affiliated brands, promotion agencies are barred from participating the survey.
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Survey Instructions

Here are the instruction to do the survey you must follow:

  1. Reasons of conducting the online survey is to gather guest experience, it must be unbiased and honest feedback. Therefore, it is very important for you to say everything honest and unbiased.
  2. Visit www.jacklistens.com from your laptop, computer or from your mobile phone.
  3. There will be a welcome screen in the website, there are several instructions, links and other additional contents.
  4. They will offer you two languages, Spanish and English. Click on the language that you prefer.
  5. Prepare you recent Jack in the Box receipt order, you will need it to enter code.
  6. In the order receipt, there is 14-digit survey code located in the center of the receipt. Simply enter it in the box provided.
  7. After entering the survey code, click the arrow button at the right bottom of the website, they you will start the survey.
  8. Answer all the questions given to you. It will relate to the food, price, service and cleanliness. Do not leave any of the questions field empty, it will increase the chance to win the reward.
  9. Once you have finished the entire questions, you will get a validation code for the freebies. It is valid for 30 days, so make sure you use it soon.

Tips and Tricks

tips trick

Answering the questions of the survey is so easy and simple, it is basic questions about your dining experience in the restaurant. However, here are several tips and tricks that can help you winning the reward.

  • Prepare pen or pencil and a notebook, then write down the validation code on your receipt so you can activate the coupons for freebies.
  • Even though you have no direct survey invitation, you can be a participant. Just go to the nearest Jack in the Box chain and buy a cheap food or drinks. Save the receipt, and head over the website within 3 days because the code provided in the receipt is only valid for 3 days after it is issued.
  • You are also allowed to do the survey every day, there is no limit to how many times you participate the survey. What you need is valid survey invitation.
  • Just be relax in answering the questions, and please do not attempt to tamper it.

Jack in the Box Contact

Jack in the Box provide contact center so you can get lot of information and updates about their products and campaign.

You also can give comment in the website, and ask questions. There are also some other ways you can do to keep in touch with Jack in the Box, here are the ways:

  1. Contact Form. You can contact the restaurant from their official site. Head over http://www.jackinthebox.com/contact.
  2. Post mail. You also can contact them by sending post mail, just send a letter to JACK IN THE BOX INC. Attn: Guest Relations 9330 Balboa Ave. San Diego, CA 92123-1516.
  3. Phone number. You can speak with Jack in the Box service center, simply call at (858) 522-4716. They operate Monday – Wednesday 5 am to 9 pm, Thursday and Friday 5 am until midnight, Saturday 7 am to midnight and Sunday 7 am to 5 pm PST.

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