How to Bury Pet ? Here are 4 Ways to Bury Your Pet

It’s not easy to deal with! But when a pet dies, you should know what to do with it. After all, special rules apply to burials in your own garden. We enlighten you.

It’s never nice when a pet dies. For many , pets are like family members . That is why many pet owners want their darlings to be around after they die. But can you bury an animal just like that on your own property?

Four Ways to Bury Pet

How to Bury Pet

According to, there are four ways to dispose of a pet after its death, even if this may sound very tough for the owner:

  1. You can take the animal to a rendering facility.
  2. It can be cremated in an animal crematorium.
  3. The animal can be stuffed at a taxidermist
  4. The animal can be buried (or let).

Cremation in the crematorium costs between 105 and 305 euros, depending on the weight of the pet. In addition, there is the cost of a container for the ashes.

There are now over 120 animal cemeteries throughout Germany. If you want to have your pet buried here, you have to pay between 100 and 300 euros. There you can also choose a tombstone with an individual inscription.

The burial in your own garden

The cheaper and, for many, more beautiful option is burial in the garden. However, it must be ensured that you are only allowed to bury animals in the garden as the house owner. The grave must be at least one to two meters from the property line and at least 50 centimeters deep.

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This is to prevent the beloved pets from being dug up again by other animals. You should also wrap the animal in a blanket, towel or newspaper. Above all, it is important that the material is environmentally friendly.

But not every animal can be buried in the garden. We explain the rules for this in the video above.

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