Cublistens Survey, Win $100 Gift Cards Weekly

Food is the primary need of human being, which is shopped every day, every week, every month.

Market for food is the highest of all, larger and bigger than any others. For you who live in Minnesota or Illinois, you must be very familiar with cub foods.

This is a supermarket chain that sells many kinds of foods. You may have visited cub foods so often, or at least once in your life.

So what do you think about the supermarket? Are you happy visiting cub foods?

Do you think that the staffs are so friendly and helpful? How about the place, its hygiene and atmosphere?

You may have your own experience visiting cub foods, and something that you make come again to the store is your best experience there.

Cub foods welcome all of their lovely valuable customers to share their thought, feeling, comment, experience and suggestion of their most recent visit to the store through survey.

Survey is a very great way to let persons in-charge figure out what’s right and what to improve.

It is also a very excellent way to keep in touch with customer, figuring out what they want and create better bounding with them.

Simply by telling your experience in the cub supermarket store, you will get the chance to be entered into a sweepstake and win a grand prize.

Online survey is very popular these days conducted by many companies in the field of customer satisfaction, so make sure you also take part in this period to help company making better service for you. Also, you have the chance to get free items and other interesting prizes.

Cub Foods might be your favorite place to find many kinds of your kitchen needs, and you visit the place so often.

Do not let your experience untold, it is a great opportunity for you to tell your own experience and share with people behind the company about what to improve and what’s good.

If you are interesting in participating the survey, just keep reading this article. Hope you enjoy.

A Glance About Cub Foods

Cublistens Survey

Cub foods is a supermarket chain which has more than 80 locations spread in Illinois and Minnesota.

Cub food supermarket chain is the wholly owned subsidiary of the company SuperValue Inc.

The company based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States. Cub food is very popular as “no frills” supermarket, so you need to take a bag to keep your own groceries.

Cub food is one of the most popular grocery store in Minnesota and Illinois, and you can find easily the store in the cities, it is almost anywhere.

How many times you visit Cub Food in your life? If you live in Minnesota or Illinois, I believe that at least you have visited the store once your life.

Some others even visit Cub Foods every day and every week. But, have you known that CUB stands for what? Not everyone know about it.

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Actually, CUB is an abbreviation, stands for customers united for buying. Has been operated since 1980s, Cub Foods has huge experience about customer satisfaction, yet they also need more feedback from you.

As a one stop grocery store, you can find many kinds of foods in Cub Foods for kitchen need, and they are very popular with discounted pricing.

Today, the company does not only sell foods, even you can find clothing and almost everything there.

With more than 80 locations nationwide and thousand employees, the company also has served million customers. This number may increase every year.

Cub Foods welcome their valuable customer to help them grow by giving feedback about what you feel and experience in the store.

In return, they will enter you to a sweepstake and if you’re win, you will be awarded $100 gift card that you can use to shop in Cub Food stores. Here are the more information you need if you are interested in participating the survey.

Cublistens Online Survey

Cublistens Online Survey

There are actually two methods you can choose to participate in Cub Foods customer satisfaction survey, but participating via online survey is the most convenient one.

You only need to spend around 5 to 10 minutes of your time to complete the survey. Then, it ends up with you entered into a sweepstakes to win the grand prize.

Why cublistens? Cublistens is a customer satisfaction survey which is hosted by Cub Foods.

The aim of this online survey is to find out what actually happen in their store based on their customer perspective and real experience.

The survey is designed to record your honest feedback, so they can improve the weakness and problem, and provide you better shopping experience.

At the end, the company hope that you will be their loyal customer by firstly making you happy and satisfy at their store.

Cublistens survey is also a great way so the company can connected and keep in touch with their valuable customers.

No matter what kind of foods or brand you shop, Cub Foods wants to know your thought and suggestions if any.

Your feedback will be something very beneficial for the company and people behind it, and almost every change done in company is based on the survey result.

By taking part in the survey, you give valuable contribution to the company and make Cub Foods a better place for everyone.

Cub Foods survey is conducted in By participating in the survey, you have the chance to win $100 gift card to use in Cub Foods store.

The management realizes that customer feedback is crucial thing for company growth, so in return, every customer that gives feedback deserves to get the chance to win the prize.

Simply give your honest and true experience, then you’ll help the company making future strategy improving customer satisfaction.

Do not be worry because the questions are so easy and straightforward. There will be several questions regarding real situation in the store.

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It will be about how the staffs treat you, cleanliness of the store, quality of products, genuine price, and any other things related to customer satisfaction.

If you want to participate in cublistens survey, make sure you know about its rules, eligibility and requirements, step by step, terms and conditions, and any other information you need. Down below we provide you the information, just keep reading.

Cublistens Reward

Customer’s feedback is a very crucial thing for the company, and people in-charge in it.

It helps them generating future strategy in order to give better service and make the store as better place for all their valuable customers.

In return, the company provides $100 gift card every period draw, and the winners can use this amount of money to shop in Cub Foods to many kinds of foods and pharmacy.

Besides, there is also another interesting prize rewarded to you if you win such as discount.

Make sure you take part in the survey, and win the prize. The survey is so easy with simple and straightforward question, designed with no hassle so everyone can complete the survey pretty easily.

You can do it anywhere and everywhere, and have the chance to win $100 of their gift card.

Cublistens Survey Rules and Requirements

Cublistens Survey Rules and Requirements

Participating in cublistens survey is a great idea because you contribute to the company, and have chance to win their grand prize.

However, there are several things you need to know especially about survey rules, requirements and eligibility.

Make sure that you are someone eligible and willing to complete the survey well without fraud.

  1. Participants must be the legal residents of the states of Minnesota, Illinois or Wisconsin.
  2. Participants must be at least 18 years old when entering the survey.
    You must have basic understanding of English.
  3. The survey is conducted in English, so you must be able to read and write in English.
  4. You must have visited Cub Foods Chain and keep the receipt. In the printed receipt, there is a unique entry code you can use to enter the survey.
  5. Participant must be someone honest and willing to share true experience visiting Cub Foods.
  6. Participant must have good internet connection, and device such as laptop, smartphone or table that can be connected into internet. Poor internet connection will disturb the survey process.
  7. You must have internet browser with javascript enabled, or the survey page cannot be rendered.
  8. All the employee, sponsor, family members, agencies, subsidiaries, affiliates and other people in the same household are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  9. You must obey the law, and everything against the law is prohibited.
  10. The prize cannot redeemable into cash, and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  11. There is a limit for one person per week every period of sweepstake.

Step by Step To Win $100 Gift Cards from Cublistens Survey

Win $100 Gift Cards from Cublistens Survey

There are two different ways to give feedback to Cub Foods, yet the most convenient one is through online survey.

You can complete the survey and give your feedback to the company anytime and anywhere. Here are step by step you must follow:

  • Prepare your device, and make sure that it is connected into internet.
  • Open your browser, and head over to
  • There will be welcoming page with instructions. Read the instructions to begin carefully.
  • Then, click “Begin Survey” button. It is located on the right side of the page.
  • Prepare your printed receipt of your most recent visit to the Cub Foods.
  • Then, enter the unique entry code on the receipt on the box provided on the page.
  • Then, click next.
  • You will be headed to the survey with some questions given. Answer all the questions honestly based on your personal experience visiting the store.
  • You will end up the survey by submitting the personal information so you will be entered into the customer satisfaction sweepstake.
  • Before you close the page, make sure you double check and ensure that you submit correct data.
  • In the end of sweepstake period, you will be contacted if you win the draw.
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If you want to give feedback via mail instead of conducting survey online, it is very possible and no purchase required.

You can send mail to the company address which is called as AMOE or Alternate Means of Entry. Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare a business envelope with proper postcard.
  2. Then, handprint your personal information such as name, phone number, complete address, state, city, zip code, and birth date.
  3. Send the mail to this address, “Hornbacher’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Entry, 625, Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, New York 14625-2437”
  4. If you are lucky, you will be contacted and win the prizes $100 gift card which is drew weely.

Choose the method you feel comfortable with, either by mail or via online. The key is just by being honest of everything, so both of you and the company will take benefit from this survey.

Cub Foods Contact Information

The company also welcome you to call them via dial (855) 282-3663. You can consult and ask anything about Cub Foods and about cublistens survey.

If there are any other queries about Cub Foods and Cub Foods customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes, send mail to this address, “SuperValu, Inc. 9317 E Sinto Ave, Spokane Valley, Washington 99206, United States.”


Giving feedback to Cub Foods via cublistens will give you benefit to make Cub Foods better place for anyone looking for bakery, fresh foods and many more.

Your feedback will help the company making future strategy for company growth.

Simply by visiting page via your website, and complete all the questions given, you deserve to be entered into a weekly draw and get the prize $100 gift card.

With more than 80 stores spread nationwide, Cub Foods have served thousands to million customers which visit them monthly, weekly and even daily.

Your contribution is something crucial then. So what are you waiting for? Let’s participate in the survey and complete it based on your real experience.

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