Attic Room Decoration Ideas

The attic is a room that is often left aside when decorating the house. See 15 models of decorated attic to enjoy this environment

The attic is the highest room in the house, caused by the unevenness of the roof. Previously used as a mess room, the decorated attic has been gaining space, taking advantage of the functionality of the room, and may even become the favorite corner of the house.

The room can be used to create different environments. To turn it into a room, the tip is to opt for the guest room, as it is a more reserved space. Using the attic for the children’s room is also a good option, because this room has a playful look. Another idea for the children is to transform the decorated attic into a room for studies and toys, freeing the mess of the rest of the house.

Because it is a high room, the attic is quiet, great place to create the home office and have peace of mind to work. To enjoy this coziness, you can also turn the attic into a relaxed environment to welcome friends or a movie theater. Have a project at hand and use your creativity!

Attic Room Decoration Ideas

1. With a few objects you can create a cozy reading environment.

2. Turning the decorated attic into a closet is a great way to free space in the room and keep the organization.

3. Generally, the place has the structure of the house exposed and this can be used also to compose the decoration.

4. In the attic it is possible to take advantage of natural lighting.

5. You can use the lattice to create a vintage decor.

6. Attic transformed into a cinema room, ideal for hosting friends.

7. The games room is also a great option to create in the attic and entertain the people.

8. The room can be used to store the books.

9. The attic is a quiet place, ideal for building a home office.

10. With sofas, carpets and puffs, the place is comfortable for relaxation.

11. The TV room in the attic is reserved and ideal for family gathering.

12. Explore the details to enjoy the small space of the cosy roof.

13. Try not to put too many objects in the room to ensure circulation.

14. Taking the children’s room to the attic with decorative decor makes it fun.

15. To make good use of the space, it is necessary to have the architectural project in hands and to plan the decoration.

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