13 Cool Art Projects for Kids and Adults

Art Projects for Kids – Children always want to try something new. But to come up with cool projects for the little ones is sometimes nothing that easy. But don’t worry – we have 13 great ideas for you that will delight children of all ages – and you will surely too!

Art Projects for Kids

1. The motley wire sculpture

We all know them from various waiting rooms and children can actually spend what feels like hours with the little wire balls. You can find out here how you can easily create this exciting work of art yourself.

2. The Lego snow globe

When your children hardly play with their Lego anymore, they can immortalize their favorite character in this great snow globe. Here you can find out what exactly you have to do to turn the toy into a great souvenir.

3. Colorful ice cube art

If it can get a little bigger: For this great project, you just need a large, white sheet and colorful ice cubes, which you fill with water and some liquid paint. Here you can see which great patterns can be conjured up with the colorful ice cubes.

4. The old moor witch

Children love to pretend they’re brewing spooky potions in a cauldron. With these great instructions you can make this game even more exciting and real for your child!

5. A sand castle that will last forever

The sad thing about the sandpit is that all the great things your child builds in it never last long. But with a little bit of cement this is no longer a problem and, like here, looks really great!

6. Magic magnetic bottle

Admittedly, this project is a bit more involved and requires material you may not necessarily have at home: magnetic, liquid ink. But the result is incredibly exciting and will certainly not only be fun for your children.

7. Beautiful “ice” flowers

All you need for this is a few plastic flowers, sodium tetrabonate (you can find it under the name Borax on the Internet, for example) and a small attachment structure that you can easily make yourself with your child. How exactly this works is explained here. The result is magical!

8. Balloon darts

If the temperatures start to rise again soon, this is a great way to spend the afternoon with the kids. All you need is a few balloons, which you fill with colored water and attach to a canvas as described here. Now aim well and the color spectacle can begin!

9. Art with Skittles

Skittles are colorful drops that can be bought in almost every supermarket. But they are not only suitable for snacking, but also for painting! And in these simple instructions, you’ll see how to do it.

10. Lasagna mosaic

An excellent idea to get rid of the superfluous lasagna plates: Simply color them and put them together to form a colorful mosaic. The video shows how easy it is.

11. Creative clay bowls

Your children can hardly be stopped in terms of creativity, then they can really let off steam with these great clay bowls. Here it is explained how easy it is to create beautiful bowls from clay, paint and colored beads.

12. Funny Snot – homemade

Even if the first thought is “Yuck”, we are somehow fascinated by this slimy stuff – and as you can see here, it is also very easy to make.

13. Paper scraps chains

You can make these funny chains with fluted paper scraps, glue and a thread. Here you can find the exact instructions including a helpful straw trick.

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